Meme Contest Submissions #pwmemes

Here are my memes from the meme tab that weren’t absolute trash:

  1. Who doesn’t love Growtopia?
  2. I sadly need to resort to spamming to get answered…
  3. I loved that thread’s drama
  4. Who plays jetraces anymore?
  5. Solving graffiti puzzles be like:

Account ID: #KJ7U2KIG

I don’t know what is the submission hashtag, so if someone knows, please remind me it.

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Not funnytransparent


Boo hoo. At least I tried.

i want to see the ones that were trash.

AND? I found other memes in the thread unfunny, yet you find them funny. Please SHUT UP and either share CONSTRUCTIVE criticism or don’t post on my thread that is meant as a submission on a contest.

I really like number 3 lol

He just asked to see some memes, who the hell hurt you

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The 1 person that posted that the memes are trash and the 2 people that liked the post.

The fourth is not true. I do jetrace


Here’s an example of a trash meme:

Jake coming back from vacation be like:

The contest isn’t even held on the forums, but on Instagram.

Didn’t say they are trash, that’s just your insecurity telling you that.

But if i hurt you so bad, i apologise and i will not interact with you on these forums from now on, have a good one :beers:

The contest is also held on the forums, you just need to use the hashtag. Nobody has still told me what the hashtag is.

They said the name of the hashtag on the original source of the contest, which was instagram

And? What is so hard in just telling me the hashtag? I don’t want to create an Instagram account just for one contest.

You don’t need to create an instagram just to see a post. Also if nobody else put the hashtag here then chances are it’s not required.

Also, I don’t see anything that implies the contest is also being held here, or there’d be a post about it — if that post existed it’d show you the answer you want.

On stream, he said that you can also post your memes to the forums.

Very relatable! :smiley:

I just realized these aren’t even memes, they’re just text added to random screenshots and throwing shade

Well , you won muggy card