Mining Glitch "NO WIFI" (still not solved)

Here i even got proof: Also i did i Wifi speed test and got 90+mb everywhere so the game is literally dubbed i want my Keys back! Ign:xXSnorlaxXx . (396) Epic Pixelworlds Mining - YouTube


happens in mines only? Or in general also

Ik that this happened to me like 3 times and I though its my network , lost 3 lvl 4 keys sadly.
a long time ago though.

Thanks for the video. That’s very strange behavior: You’re still connected because you’re getting chat messages. It’s possible that you’re just experiencing very long delays which cause the bat to get out of sync so badly that the server will discard your hits for being too far or whatever.

Do you remember the exact time for this?


Just now but i have that always when i try to mine and i’ve lost like 10 Keys to that aka a good 50Wl.