Mining Glitch "NO WIFI"

Snorlax here again,
so i’ve been trying to do mines last 2 days and always when i enter a mine it says “no wifi” but there is no sense because i literally use a LAN cable and have full connection.I can even surf on Internet and watch youtube will i mine so the issue is coming from the game.Help me please or refund me my 10 lvl 4 keys that i have lost cause of this issue.

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10?? You know that is not a very smart idea…

Hi there
Do you play while maintenance is being done ,maintenance was going on earlier I couldn’t enter either

No,it was yesterday aswell

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Which platform do you play on and what’s your account name?


Pc, that is also the reason why am wondering why nothing works my wifi speed is like 90+ lol. Account name:xXSnorlaxXx @Dev

Imagine having keys couldn’t be me