Mining glitch

there 1 glitch where you sell all your mining gemstones and u don’t get the gems same with the fishmonger thing when u sell all your fishes i know that you have to relog but i have notice something else i was selling my diamond and i was selling my small diamond it was successful but then my game just got stuck on the pixel bot with crown screen it wouldn’t let get out or sell my other gemstone plus i had to close the whole game and come back and do the same time 4 times to sell all my diamond gems i would have done select all but i had sapphire and rubies in my inventory so that why i didn’t do select all please fix and thank you because i really want to sell some of my gemstones.
thank you for readin, there an typo or commas or dots i was rushing this :d


We’re releasing a patch that will fix this soon.


Dev is fast at replying! :hushed: