Mining Improvement Suggestion

Hi,There Im Nizar Im A Miner, So I Wanna Tell A Mining Improment Suggestion,
Im Sugggest Developer To Add Extra Button When Finish The Mine Like ‘Back To PixelMines’ And ‘Retry’
Its Will Make We Dont Wasting Time Because The Long Loading (15 sec if no lag Even 1 Minutes If Lag ),Extra Effecieny
And Yeah Just That But Thats Will Help We Alot (The Miner)

you totally go back to pixelmine lol, like why you need this button? You just press the button after finishing a mine, and you’re back to the pixelmines

I think he meant there are two options, one is to go to PIXELMINES and one is to do another mine without having to go to PIXELMINES

yap thats it,
thanks for the explanation
my english is bad

Hello sugggest, I’m orangehairguy.

uhh my name is nizar not suggest



You need to sue your ISP

Then why did thy fine sir claim to be the noble Sugggest
Of the level one mines.