Mining sack and Fish cooler

I think it’d be really useful to store the gemstones and fish you obtain by mining or fishing into some sort of untradeable “mining sack” or “fish cooler” to help reduce the amount of inventory space used by each activity. Since both activities have some sort of ingredient shop to make clothes (eg. Fisherman’s Fashion), it could be made there as a item in your inventory, like a quantum safe but only for fish or mining gems. It’d be so much helpful. Maybe you could obtain them as achievement rewards, like sell 1000 mining gems or sell 500 fish or something like that, or from the gen shop if nothing else.


Agreed, have been thinking about this feature for a while.

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As a side note, I love the little text box that says “user is typing” when someone is replying, feels so much more alive.

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How about jewel box and portable aquarium? No? Ok :joy:

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And it shows the gems amount that you’ve stored

Yeah you don’t have to refresh the page everytime

Name isn’t too important, the feature is all I want haha

The recent update having the “select all” button was one step closer to having something like this, hopefully they’ll just fix up the inventory management be so much better

Whoa how do you do a detailed reply? I think default ones should be like that

That would definitely make the job easier for us. A feature that keeps track of the fishing/mining gems that we have storaged on it? Amazing!

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Using quoting, just select the text and press the quote button that appears afterwards

Wait did they add that today?

Yeah, you can sell all gemstones/fishes now which is a massive QoL feature although doesn’t fix inventory management

Damn, i didn’t know that, will make sure to check it out

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Backpacks overall which could act as transportable chest’s in your inventory would be great


This would be such an amazing quality of life update.


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You can do the tutorial by Discobot in PM tho, and you can earn a badge and certificate

Oh, I’m supposed to hold it down.
This Is a lot more tedious than before, at least on mobile. Idk how it works on pc yet

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Really cool idea! I think it’s something like Wardrobe which only allows clothing items to be inside it.

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Not sure if bumping works the same way, but I’ll try it out: Bump

yea this does sound way easier to handle inv with instead of it being filled up in a few seconds