Mining Treasures

Hello, it’s me again, Chubbo, with another gorgeous suggestion.

When you go to the mines, there’s props placed in the world. Here is some examples, boxes.

My idea is, that there could be an extra way to obtain mining materials. The extra way would be, breaking these box props in the mineworld and having a chance to get a material.

Breaking a box gives you a chance to get a mining material.

Chances of getting a material goes lower as the levels go higher. Level 1 mine: 25%, level 2 mine: 20%, level 3 mine: 15%, level 4 mine:, 10%, level 5 mine: 5%.

Chances can be balanced by the rarity of the material too. For example: uncommon materials (70%), common materials (50%), rare materials (30%), ultra rare materials (10%), legendary materials (1%).

Be kind with the feedback and tell your honest thoughts about this, please!

See you in PW!



I like this suggestion, it can help all of those beginners to gain profit while mining.
i actually thought i could get something after breaking it when i just started mining.



That crate was from the scifi booster that if you break it gives something. Yeah pretty cool idea.

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Interesting idea, perhaps in the future the developers could give them an use to those props.

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Same thing here. I broke them every time, got nothing, sad days innit.

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