Mining wheel 5 star is just a equivalent of winning in lottery

Just how rare is getting the wyvern is???

Lets talk about the game i used to play in roblox… Unboxing simulator, where there is Legendary, mythical, and godly rarity.

Rarity of getting godly pet is 0.01% or 1 in 1000! That was so rare. But somehow i managed to get a lot of them in just a few crates.

But in that mining wheel… It is just so rigged… I completed the 1000th mine exit in my alt account equivalent to 1000 tokens… i dint buy tokens for gems believing that you will get detected by system. And still not hitted the 5 star.

What are the chances of getting the wyvern?
1 in 10000? (0.001%)
1 in 100000? (0.0001%)

I post this because
I actually like to suggest pity system where you get a guarantee wyvern in 3000th, 4000th, or whatever amount of spin without buying token with gems. I dont think they will spam bronze keys if its on 3000th


Edit: every new wyvern added, the pity system counter deducts 1000 or whatever amount in your total spin, so the new wyvern will not get too common

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i really liked this one

It is winning in a lottery, just instead of enough money to make your dreams come true, you get a virtual item with no real world value, and you don’t even own it, the admins can take it off your account for whatever reason they deem fit.

I don’t think Devs want to reveal the percentages, if I heard it right in Jake’s stream

These tokens are supposed to be bonus prizes, so I don’t think a pity system is suppposed to be here, unlike maybe Brawl Stars which the boxes do have a pity system because technically these aren’t bonus prizes, since they give items to progress the game

I think this will only make some people angry, Imagine you already only need 10 more tokens left to get a guaranteed wyvern, and you needed to do something important for quite some time, when suddenly the new wyvern is already added, but again this will only affect fewer people since not everyone who plays PW have jobs or important things to do

You do actually own it, afterall the Devs won’t take it off your account unless you did some illegal stuff to get it


They actually have real value :wink:.
Instead of 6 dollars won at the gas station, you get 60 dollars and a permanent ban from the game

If there is a Pity system the wyvern will drop to around 2 or 3pl so it really makes no difference its like

Somebody suggesting that every 30 vip spins you must win a prize by making it easier to get you just lower the price

Which defeats the point of the pity system in the first place

You want a black tower legendary every 10 runs?

Guess what dark ifrit wings are now 50 byte.

Let’s say wyvern guarantee is beetween 3000th to 4000th and the amount of your total spins will stay anonymous, i don’t think that many players will get wyvern as i said that bought tokens will not be counted…
And i don’t think they will spam bronze key since the price of 1000 bronze key is 150k bytes and keys are not unimited in economy… plus the guarantee point will decrease or even reset when a new wyvern is released

Say there are about 30 wyvern in game for each type this method would probably have 100+ wyverns.

this should be pixel pub

go cry now hoarders :slightly_smiling_face:

In a serious sense, a pity system would really break the game’s economy ngl. A rare item has to be felt rare, to keep its value. How is it rare when everyone you meet has it?