Mining Wheel Bug

This is the 2nd time it happen.
Practically , I get the 5 star prize , but when I get prize , it’s not 5 star.

Edit :1st one happen like at the start of it , I do have ss of it but gotta search for it in the thousands of ss.

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mining wheel is rigged!!!

The prize is already decided when you spin the wheel and it’s not decided when the wheel stops.

That’s impossible.
What you mean is like , you get a 3 star , but actually u get a 1 star prize.
I was having 2 Baby Fire Wyvern

sorry, but thats actually how it works.
the server does the rng and sends the result to the device in miliseconds.
this is with everything rng, like SB prizes, boosters, dailybonus, etc.
the spin is just a visual thing.

if the rng was up to the device, then hackers could change it and get legendaries every time.

i wish you luck on getting baby wyvern next time :crossed_fingers::four_leaf_clover:

That sucks.
(20 charac.)

It was already confirmed, that it landing on a 5 star but not being a 5 star is your internet being bad and the server not syncing up properly because of it. Although it does suck, had this happen to me once.

The wheel is just something to test your hype…

Just have everyone stop spinning the wheel