Mod abuse because of hacking do we move foward?

here is a world owned by mag but someone else owns it now but i went to another world…

here is a second world owned by the same player his lock is clearly not decayed…so iIwould like to know what gives the in game mods power to remove some ones lock to give it to another player?
In what way is this fair to players who actually went to that world daily waiting on it to deacy, when a mod can come in and just give it to anyone they would like to? This is unjust and i consider it to be MOD abuse and Cheating the game from others. I really hope you do something about this abuse as this is not professional in any way.

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As far as I know, mag was taken by Siskea (an admin btw, not a mod) because it was about to decay and hackers knew the decay date. Basically it was taken so hackers don’t get those worlds.

So i was just informed in game the owner is a dev herself
so what exactaly does this mean for hunters in the future if pixel worlds continues to let the hackers win?Cause as a fair player i been waiting for this world for over 2 years…mag was a in game nemesis of mine and right now i am just really upset.

i also changed the ledger title :stuck_out_tongue:

“In game nemesis” sounds kinda sussy :sweat_smile:

Well, I’m going to second RetNos here when she says this:

I’m 99% sure that there were tons of players and/or hackers waiting to take that world, so chances to take it would be slim anyways. I’m much more into ideas that Siskea could maybe auction off those worlds, or give them away in contests of some sorts.

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Any leaks posted had absolutely nothing to do with MAG & MAGPW getting confiscated. The leaks were posted by players because hackers had already scanned the worlds and were planning to show up and take the world. The leaks were meant to make it fair for everyone so the hackers weren’t the only ones getting all these rare named/stacked worlds. My leaks have been sent to me by banned hackers or friends of hackers, I did not hack to get any of these leaks myself. If hadn’t posted it; the worlds would have still been confiscated because mods/devs were tipped off by actual hackers and they wouldn’t have wanted those hackers to get the worlds. At least I was trying to help everyone by making it fair…

–but if hackers had already “scanned” the worlds, it wouldn’t have mattered if you were waiting for it, they would have known the exact time/date it decays and taken it without any problems.

Also at this point I will no longer be posting leaks since people get triggered when devs confiscate loaded worlds targeted by hackers, but have nothing to say to the hackers who are getting hundreds of non-leaked worlds that weren’t confiscated. But I can assure you ALFARM01 is going to get confiscated because hackers already knew the time it’s decaying, I didn’t even post the exact time, I posted the 2 times I checked one of his small locks, it decayed at some point between those 2 times, I watched the world fair and square.

Bro, don’t act like you don’t do the same thing lol.

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What point do mods decide when a world should be confiscated or not, because hackers know the time any world will decay

I guess it’s just an effort to keep the hackers from walking away with a bunch of free loot. TRD and DEV were confiscated by Siskea for the same reason but those weren’t even publicly leaked, it was just a bunch of hackers there.

–Didn’t really see anyone complain about those…

YOU gotta believe me I am innocent but you just gotta

Problem is there’s still hackers and no anti cheat software even a chat filter would help the game tons

sad part is they do have anti cheat and filter, it’s just really bad and half the time it kicks me for fishing lol

Another attack against Dev team and server administrator, where is this point going ?

She is trying to stop people gaining an advantage in an unfair way. Pretty fair.

Still dosent answer the question what else are they going to do about it …and no if they worked more on the bugs aspect of the game instead of the next item to sell for their monetary gain maybe we wouldn’t be in the situation were in today.

I get kicked from the menu to the menu from just world hunting so I know your pain.

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Not to mention I witnessed a guy hack through my portal too like he guessed loljjjjjsk as the target word

Shut down the game, Solution to all problems

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Going by this, shouldn’t the admins confiscate all decaying worlds? Anyone can check any worlds decay date