Mod suggestion :)

My information -

hey hi! I’m Mert, I’m 14 years old, am boy, I live in Turkey, my english is not very good.
I have a family, I don’t have a brother, sister, I love my family very much, I spend my time in computer.
Sometimes i go out to my friends, or playing games on computer like pixel worlds, or hanging out on discord. İ saw pixel worlds in 2019, and i liked the game a lot, then i started playing, it was very good but one day my friend asked me for 40pl, so i gave it and i scammed, then i got very upset and quit. 2 months later i started to get bored, and i started playing again, Now i am still playing this game, looks good i can’t leave.

Why do I want to be a mod? -

Sometimes I go to pixel worlds forums, and look and they say, pixel worlds need a mod.
I think it would be nice if there was a little more mod.
But I agree with them, how will they trust people who want to be mods?
There are always scams in this game, I think half of the pixel worlds are scammed.
so i want to do whatever i can to help the players, if i can’t they, can take my mod.

How can you trust me? -

think, if i steal something after mod, i will be banned directly anyway
some people want to be mods to be famous or scam
I want to be a mod to help people in the game If there was no scam in every game, I’m sure many people would be mods to become famous or to scam.

Discord -

İf you want to ask anything you can ask 𝓝𝓸𝓫𝓸𝓭𝔂#4877

two reasons that might stop you from being a mod, bad english and gullibility, also asking to be a mod lowers your chances

also being 14 would make you less mature.

but yeah just try help the community and maybe one day you will get lucky


Thanks for information

Just because a minority says so, does not mean we need more mods.

It’s not about you getting banned, but the fact that the person you’re scamming would lose their items either way. Remember, scammed items will most likely not be returned.

You’re easy to be manipulated by people. We don’t want a mod to become someone’s puppet now, do we?


he was my best friend so i gave it away i didn’t do it again it’s been a long time anyway thanks for the info

that’s what I heard from thousands of people who got scammed of the trust scam :frowning:

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yes, as I said, everyone is stabbing each other in the back in this game.

Someone explain, why does every ‘I wanna be mod’ thread seem the same. The “if i skem ban me 4ever” was really the cherry on the cake.


i know i will be banned instantly

He goes inside the computer


what no ? : D

[20 ch]

Uh oh! Scamming!
Unfortunately for you I don’t think you’ll be getting moderator anytime soon…

this happened a long time ago

Sorry pal! No moderator for you.
Though a mini mod position is open if you ever want to annoy the heck outta everyone lol

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He said he needed it and I gave it to him but I don’t trust anyone anymore

Okay I’m just going to be direct
Yeah, you won’t be getting moderator at all. At the very least you need to have good english and that doesn’t seem like a strong point with you.

But hey, I’m sure Bruhworlds is hiring! They’ll probably accept you. :+1:

ok i respect your opinion


This killed your chances

Pretty sure this is made up


Wait it was you who was randomly dming me ._.

Ooo sheee here we go again