Moderation Bot

I got an idea for Moderation Bot from being Co-Owner of world RAKKAUS, since dating is against the rules and we are trying to moderate the chat so nothing like that happens, I came up with idea for this:

Moderation Bot could possibly ban certain words from chat, for example curse words that aren’t censored or someone asking to date. This would temporarily ban the person who said that from the world (like normal ban) and delete the message from chat. This would also help with other stuff like preventing world advertising and similar.

The bot could also have different options for the punisment, like:

  1. Just delete the message.
  2. Delete the message and give a warning on the player’s screen.
  3. Kick the player from the world and delete the message.
  4. Ban the player from the world and delete the message.

Not sure how hard that would be to implement but that would really help with moderation on this type of worlds.

*I threw this idea together in few minutes and got good ideas how to improve this idea. Will try to update this post when I have time.

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If this is ever considered to be added, I think it is a neccessity to let the “[Player] has been banned” message also say "for saying [restricted word], as otherwise rule-breakers could use this to silence people criticising them. There also should be a way for every player inside the world to see all restricted words, for example through a small icon in the menu, which when clicked displays the full list.


I think this would cause there to be some worlds where all words are banned, and it would end up like those royal-locked worlds in GT where no-one can talk.

I think its better for the game itself to punish players, not world owners :smiley:


Yeah but I still think there should be something smaller like that

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I get that and I agree. If this ever gets into the game players should be able to see all restricted words. Maybe a popup when joining the world which just lists the words & you’d be able to check them later from the menu. But I really think this should be a thing. Just moderating the chat 24/7 isn’t just tedious it’s impossible. Even when we have several admins there.

what if the moderation bot also features ‘’ world rules ‘’ that will pop up in your screen after going to a world. just like discord community server. so that people in one world will be kind and wont be banned automatically.

  1. the message can be deleted in the next 1 minute, so that ppl can see what the person talked before.
  2. first offense warning
  3. second warning can be a kick but
  4. if a player is still toxic, then it will become into a world ban.
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Thats fair but then again. Pixel Worlds don’t have ‘Vending machines’ so nobody would benefit from that. And sometimes the game can’t censor some words. E.g. in different languages. It would help with moderating chat on active worlds this would prevent maybe world advertising or similar.

Thats interesting idea and I like that. When you join a world a window will popup & will display rules and you have to accept them.

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i like the suggestion too, hopefully because of this. the whole community is kind and safe.

they should deft- add this

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Interesting idea, it’s not bad, but it has some flaws that you could fix or give a solution to them to prevent them of happening, as you develop the concept of this Moderation Bot.
But overall, it’s a pretty good idea.