Moderator Applications - Open Now

Do you think you’d make a good addition to our team of Moderators? Our application is now open.
We are looking for experienced players, with a positive mindset, and the drive to help others!
Please take your time to fill this out and think about how you’d respond to each question. :grinning:


Good luck,


Remember to spell your password correctly!



Guys plas give mod to my homie Shotgunman26 he tha real one he gon ban those modafukin scammers man. My man he be on a real grindset unlike yall. Justice for Shotgunman26 :sunglasses::smiling_imp::fist::raised_hands:


This Is A Great Chance! To HelpOut ,!

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Woah ive allways wanted to be a mod, this is the chanse for those people like me. :slight_smile: good luck!


No thanks, Being a mod is stressful, and im getting inactive cuz like no update :[

I applied and some of u are my references.

Dont be alarmed if siskea breaks into ur house at night alright?

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I don’t think y’all should tell that you have applied here. I once applied for a discord moderator job and i got denied because i put “i applied” in general chat. So if you want more chances of getting accepted, you propably shouldn’t tell here that you have applied.

Their choice, I will act as I usually do, cuz I won’t be able to pretend forever.

By the way, discord moderator where exactly?

Always wanted to help the game in some way now this is it :slight_smile:

Eyoo… let me sleep when it’s the night… :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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In a server called Royal Advertising.

great! looking forward for a reply <3

good luck to pass the test i hope the best for this game and i will not desapoint u for being a moderator :muscle: :smirk:

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Player activity through the roof right now lol. Nothing like mod applications to spark a little life back into the community.

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Now when i think about it there us so much more i could write about

Is being a well-known player even required?

Reasons why i should be PW mod:
1: i will hate on minorties
2. I will ban everyone who offends me
3. I wont listen to anybody
4. I dont know any of the rules
5. Me has very good english 50/50
6. Im funny and friendly (its actually the opposite)
7. I will steal everyone’s items
8. I will lock all worlds
Pls make me mod pls pls pls :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::raised_hand::vulcan_salute::fist_left::fist_right::open_hands::v::crossed_fingers::clap::point_left::point_right::point_up_2:


I don’t think so, it didn’t say

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Best of luck for everyone!