More Clan Levels

More and more clans are reaching level 10.
In my opinion there should be new clan updates.
For example: One extra new level every 3 months, every level same xp and gem requirement to level up.
Or something like that idk. Just add new clan levels xD


It’s takes a lot of time, and already takes 500+ Million XP and 19+ Million Gems to Level up a Clan from 1 to 10.

I don’t think we need more levels maybe?
Just better and more perks added to it.

We could definitely use an update to clans. However, I am not certain it should exactly be like that. I would prefer something fresh and unique as it does get tiresome trying to get your whole clan upgraded from one level to another.

Like, more and more clans are getting to level 10. I think we don’t need any more perks at the moment. I think new clan levels will be good. If we need any new perks than maybe with new levels.

we dont need more levels the leveling up system has ton of issues right now

I’d say we add 5 more new levels ngl. Like what Wikbruh said, nearly every clan is starting to turn lvl 10. It sort of becomes something of a “Quantity over Quality” thing. This would make most of the clan members “inactive”.

As of clan perks, we could put in previous perks with a higher effect, or newer perks (say increase in damage/additional 5 nuggets per mine exit).

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Yeah more time to farm just for even more % increase which doesn’t seem that much I can’t wait to spend a lot of more time farming to get even more levels

I dont like that idea bcuz my clan just reached lvl 10 xD
But maybe more clan items?

I think the clans levels are fine right now, since it takes a lot of hard work an effort already to reach its
maximum level.
But if they could add more perks to the levels or at least add a little more amount of daily gems from the clan bonus would be great.

yeah exactly. but maybe new lvl each 3 months (that would keep it it a bit active and not just like 5 more lvl and we’re done again. but yea