More gemstones effect on mining gear broken

After a little bit of testing, I believe that the “More gemstones” (i.e. Sturdy Mining Helmet, Excavator Gloves, etc.) effect on mining gears is completely broken, or I just got weird rolls for RNG.

Exact mining gear for reference:
Master Pickaxe; Sturdy Mining Helmet; Excavator Moustache; Excavator Gloves; Deep Dweller Shirt; Deep Dweller Pants; Excavator Boots.
2 of these gears have the effect “More gemstones”.

After running a couple of mines, I noticed that I would still get a minimum of 3 gemstones (happened quite a few times), would never get more than 7 gemstones (the maximum of such pickaxe) and it seemed to have the same rate compared to just not wearing the gear.

Based on the description of items with the “More gemstones” effect, there should be an increase in the maximum (hence the wording “extra gemstones”), or it’s meant to increase the rates of getting more gemstones, which doesn’t seem to happen (unless I’m unlucky, I guess).
The description for reference:

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We checked this out, and the code seems to be correct. It’s a minor change, so it’s probably not noticeable in just a few runs (like any randomness).


According to some people, they said that you were supposed to get more than the maximum amount of gemstones with their pickaxe by at least 1 using these gears, was that also a bug then?

ive got 8 gemstones from master multiple times

Probably your unlucky. May RNGGod Bless you.

I know that many people might think it’s not working because you can barely check it, but eventually it’s.

I was mining some days ago and I found out that a gemstone block dropped me 9 ores, using my Epic Pickaxe which it’s drop rate it’s 4-8 ores per gemstone.

As you can see in the picture, I’m wearing the Epic Pickaxe and the Excavator Mustache, which gives you a little percentage to get an extra gemstone.

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Alright, thanks for confirmation, guess I was just really unlucky