More of a gamemode concept, but

This gamemode can be quite in-depth, but also can be integrated with our current available items

Imagine it this way, we all love ourselves a good ol’ dungeon run. That’s why many of us explore the netherworld and the deep nether. BUT, how about a variant of netherworlds-like grinding but without having to constantly move around in order to dodge two mages and a flame charger all of the sudden? We all know many of us aren’t the best at it, but some of us still want a reason to use armors with combat stats other than vanity and actually using it in very movement-heavy maps.

Quite simply, we make a turn-based (yes, I’m aware of the rumored cards update, no I have no idea what it is, but it most likely will be turn-based) adventure map that’s randomly generated. Each map has a range of different enemies depending on the difficulty scale. Combat is initiated if either the enemy spots you and catches you, thus a battle beginning or if you can surprise attack them, giving an initial blow and thus chipping off a chunk of their HP

Here’s the fun part and where our current gear stats take place in: the combat itself

Your gear determines on how good you are in a certain role. Each element in your weapon determines on how good you are in each role, each element representing a role.

What these roles are can be discussed about, but I already had ideas where wind is an evasive assasin heavy role or how light is focused on more paladin-style combat.

How this’ll be executed is via a Hero Statue, basically a concept item that kinda is a mannequin where you manage your loadout for the gamemode I’ve suggested here. Said hero statue will reveal your current total stats of what you’re wearing, both armor and weapon stats. There will also be a skill bar under it, how many skills is up to how in-depth we want this to be, this is a concept, pure fiction in my head after all.

We’d have a list of skills available, them categorised into different elements. The effectiveness of the skill will be determined by your weapon. It starts off with the primary element that will be calculated by 1 per how much damage of the element you can deal and after that adds up the other elements calculated by 0.5 per stat point

Of course this also includes the non-elemental damage, it is counted as an element and we could consider it as a jack-of-all trades role.

Range is also affected. It determines on how far can your character attack in the turn-based combat. Yes, the gamemode can be team-based and you could use your friend’s loadouts as sort of companions alongside you. Enemies will also spawn in teams.

Anyways, the range affects how far you could attack. Each element has a skill specialised in what is the range of your weapon. Range affects in the skill’s magnitude aka how effective the skill is. 3 range will be in a 1.0x damage multiplier, 2 range 1.25x and 1 range 1.5x multiplier. It incentivises people to pick the type of strategy they want to resort to. Would they want to go head-on against the first opponent, buff yourself and deal damage to the best potential or resort to a more strategic approach where you take down your weaker opponents with the range you’ve got. Take note that range will also affect AoE-skills where more range gives a larger AoE

Either way I doubt this’ll ever be a concept come true, since it’s quite a deep grinding method to get into, then again it’s a concept that doesn’t need you to obtain gear specifically for the gamemode like fishing or mining. It also adds some spice to the weapons we currently have.