More weapons suggestion

here some new weapons that idk add ingame?

  • iron wrench [UR] [dmg 125] [critic 5%] [air:50]
  • fireworks bazooka [L] [dmg 120] [critic 2%] [fire:120] (special drop from mega battery after using it)
  • water beam gun [L] [dmg 50] [critic 1%] [water:125] (big billy last quest)
  • skull staff [R] [dmg 100] [dark:20]
  • potion thrower [L] [dmg 105] [critic 10%] [fire:125] [water: 15] (legendary from secret base)
  • meteor [L] [dmg 115] [critic 1%] [fire:125] (special drop from fire trap at halloween)
  • paintball gun [UR] [dmg 100] [critic 2%] [water:120] [fire:40] (paintball update?)
  • flame beam gun [L] [dmg 90] [critic 5%] [fire:120] (special drop from fire constant trap at summer)
  • poison beam gun [L] [dmg 100] [critic 1%] [fire:50] [dark:100]
    thats all
    item looks like:

    wrench [i only can download gif]

fireworks bazooka [cool right?]

water beam gun [flame and poison has the same machine but different color]

skull staff [weird staff looks like bunny staff -_-]

potion thrower [weird still…]

i feel tired after this maybe later 5 hours


Some dmg are too big but ok. :+1:

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you know the wrench is same like wrench for color o mat and others XD

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EDITED:I add some of the weapons hope you enjoy

2 hours still no more reply lol need more feedbacks