More world space for people

The trading worlds are always full it would be nice if they would be a bit larger like 75 people


im pretty sure its server size and they didnt actually choose that it should be 50 people i think they will change it in the future correct me if im wrong

Welcome to the forums and thanks for the suggestion, I do agree with it (I can’t even enter BUYBYTE anymore)

But like Orangehairguy said, if we rise it. The server might crash? Who knows?

even a 50 limit is a lot for some players’ devices. imo most of the people who play pixel worlds play it because they can’t run any other game. if they make the limit 75+ these people wont be able to play the game.

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The pwe terminal is the equivalent of a trade world which can be accessed without world space limitations. Not necessary.

I dont think the servers can handle such capacity at the moment. Maybe when the player base increases then they should consider getting better server hosting and such stuff will be possible to make

even 60 would be game changing tbh

I think 50 people as the world limit is already enough.
Adding more slots for people to join would be chaotic.

i dont think so 100 yes 65 no

The reason that the limit is 50 is because many devices cannot handle more players than that. The pixelworlds servers can handle it fine tho.
Jake said that since more players are having better hardware, that maybe they will increase it in the future.

50 people in one world is already chaotic for some devices.
Increasing this amount could bring severe consecuences for some players.

well would this impact players in worlds that only had 30 players or just ones with 60+