Morphs should be added in game?

i’ve been thinking for a while and i’m asking myself why devs dont try to add Morph items. For example the Strange vial(if you use it , it will transform you into a werewolf and the design/movement of it is pretty good) why don’t we get this kind of morphs as items for example as Mythological beasts. Of course for example when wearing the morph it gets some upgrades but also some downgrades(Developers choice). For example the Mythological beast “Minotaur” the movement is increased, a bit of increase in Health but the downgrades would be to make your hitting slower and lowering your view(Sphere of lesser Darkness).It would be an interesting idea if this gets in the game because personally there are some sets in the game that would fit better as a morph/beast forms.


So, you mean more morphs?

I don’t see why we can’t have sets, and morphs. Given the buffs you’ve proposed, I think it’d be better if they were kept as consumable items for the morphs, and then keep the sets alongside them. Since, if someone wanted to be a Minotaur for example, they could wear the Minotaur outfit, but if they needed the buffs for the Nether or something, because they were struggling, then they could drink the potion to temporarily apply the morph.

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Yes it could be a great idea for example (Minotaur’s blood/horn potion).But the thing that we might need the most is the morphs some sets look silly( for example the White fox one, the mask its just ruining the rest of the outfit) if it was a morph it would have look like the Werewolf but snow white version.

Yes but as clothing not as temporary boosts/potions

If that’s your issue with the white fox outfit, you could always experiment with wearing the outfit with one of the colour rings once it’s available, it might blend in to your character a bit better then.

its not about white fox, I took white fox as an example because it is a recent outfit that came in game.There are other items with different styles that would look better as a morph than the actual outfit.

Alright, that makes sense. I doubt it’ll ever happen just because of consistency with the potions, but if they removed the potions and changed them all into clothing items that morph your Pixelian, then it’d fit a lot more, like you said.

I was thinking about something similar, something about a set that if all it’s items are being worn, something happens (skin color changes, effect around your body, chat bubble change etc.)

Yes but they can choose to not add buffs instead they could add Double jump, Gliding etc. for example Flying Squirrel Morph that grants Gliding.

Morphs in general are probably really hard to design for the artist too though, since it’s a whole character model if that makes sense. They are pretty unique though.

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Yes but like the Werewolf Morph you cant wear weapons nor use the body expressions that we have, only a special body expression(howling one).

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Even then, they would at least need to apply a cooldown to the expression, or it would be very annoying.

I think more morphs would be neat, but I do also believe they should be temporary consumable items to balance things out.
As for some ideas though, I think it’d be fricken cool to have a dragon morph that you can fly around with (similar to the flying mounts).
Of course, you’d need to be in a world that allows that, and the item itself would probably be kind of expensive, but still.

Morph items would be a little bit OP, consumables which have effect duration like Strange Vial are great solution since then you aren’t always so buffed.

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Like i said they dont have to be buffed, they can just add Double jump, Gliding etc… instead of those buffs