Mrgrandman is missing! (NEED ANSWER FROM DEVS)

Mrgrandman hasnt been online since april! he’s my friend and i’m worried for him his mod status hasnt changed for a month, heres a picture

is this a bug when a mod gets demoted their status doesnt change please answer devs, i wanna know what happened to him.

maybe he just selected option to always be shown offline

No, his days havent changed. its been stuck at 174. mods dont have the abillity to do that, friends can see their ACTUAL days instead of ingame when they are disguised, same thing with gms

he is alive, no worries; probably just took a break from pw


Moderators could do that. It’s a status whenever they’re on disguise. However, I don’t know if that’s exactly the status for it.

No, friends can see their real status as i’ve stated here because im friends with many mods

Yeah Grandman hasn’t been online in ages, he is just busy IRL from what I know.

Yeah, wonder how he’s doing

He’s online on discord