Muggy card (And golden edition)



sadly they will pay nothing in few weeks…

where to get?


You get the Muggy Card by purchasing it from with Channel Points (on twitch), it cost 15.000 points.
Regarding to the Golden version of it, you get them from the stream as well. Jake will rarely host a giveaway of it.



wait just 15 points?

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How long do you have to watch the stream in order to get that much (15k)? Planning on leaving my PC open when he streams, since he streams during midnight in my timezone.

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It is almost impossible to get the shiny variant of it, since it is a 1/250 chance, rolled once per blue moon.

Also, what’s the point of purchasing the regular with channel points?

As people have said, it not only does the same thing as a common card, it also has more “weight”, that means you can put less cards in your deck.

Plus, it is untradable. And why would I want untradable cards?

At least I was lucky to get rolled in a random sub giveaway… so that’s that. Even though I don’t get all of the benefits of it, but hey, it’s free.

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It will be buffed

So you can flex it somewhere :sunglasses:


It will be buffed.

When? Before I go on my major surgery? Which is at 2nd July?

Or after? If after, then sadly I won’t be able to play it for a while because of the fact that I have to stay in the hospital for about a week after the surgery, and even then I won’t be able to sit normally.

Who said that they are untradeable? i dropped it on picture , you cant drop untrdable items

That is the golden muggy card. I’m talking about regulars.

Look at the second picture , there is both golden muggy and regular muggy dropped