Multiple Clients On 1 PC

Check my channel out i made a vid how to open multiple clients
and also on my next video i will teach you guys how to get that juicy 20pl everyday

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In respect of your video @DuckSucker , I don’t think Pixel Worlds allows third party software to use Multi Clients. Which this is quite discussable .

Since were talking about Third - Party Software
On April 16,2019

It is Stated in Facebook Pixel Worlds Using ANY third party programs, software, hardware etc. to auto farm in the game is illegal and will get you banned. We are now enforcing this rule and if you are found of using these to gain a lot of gems most likely you will be PERMANENTLY banned from the game!

I Respect your courage for letting people know how to earned World Locks and Stuffs.


i am not using any third party programs to auto farm in the game
i am just showing how to open multiple clients with the use of third party but sandboxie is actually pretty much like vmware and i’m still using steam to enter pixelworlds i’m opening steam through a third party software but i’m opening pixelworlds normally without the use of third party software

I Respect your thoughts regarding onto this, as long as you use other Softwares in order to play the game, it is considered as a Third-Party software , even if you don’t use it for Autofarms and etc, it is still have the possibility to be used as mentioned above.

My respect . Cheers buddy.

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I see so if someone is using mobile emulators it counts as third party software as well
e.g. Bluestacks
But i don’t think this is bannable, using bluestacks is bannable that’s just crazy.
Also even if your not using multi clients there is still a possibility that someone will autofarm.
not all software’s has the ability to macro and autofarm as well so i’m not sure if you can use the software for those that you mentioned above.

Let me clear things here.

@dawnhell you already stated it:

Using ANY third-party programs will result in a punishment IF you’re doing it to get Gems and those third-party programs are bots, auto-clickers, etc.

Other third-party programs such as BlueStacks will NOT result in a punishment BUT there’s a risk that you’ll lose certain in-game things (Items, etc.)

So, clearly - BlueStacks or any other “Android Emulator” will not get you punished BUT any bots, macros, auto-clickers, etc. WILL lead you to a ban.

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But the question is @BubblySky Does Pixelworlds allows us to use multiple client in One PC?

Nothing says that we’re not allowed but there’s a risk that a random problem can occur while playing the game using multiple clients

I’ve been wondering about it @BubblySky @DuckSucker and i respect all of your thoughts , if PixelWorlds Allows us to make multiple clients in one PC, you know there will be advantages and disadvantages right? I’m Hoping @Dev will clarify this if it is okay or not.


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@BubblySky There’s a emulator that has macros which i dont want to state it here, since i Don’t want Pixel Worlds Community to be engage in such activities, :slight_smile:

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