Multiple Stacks in One Inventory

I’ve always wondered why the developers have never added a feature where you could’ve carried multiple stacks of the same item in your inventory. Will this be classified as “abusive”, or is this because why Bank Bots exist? So that their job as “Ender Chests” wouldn’t be erased?

What do you guys think?


Yeah you just said it, the bank bot is a way to carry multiple stacks of items from world to world, but it is a little expensive for the job it provides (in my opinion)

I wish it was possible to carry more than 1 stack of an item.


For sure I’d like to have this feature in the game, but I don’t agree to have more than 1 stack in the same inventory itself. Perhaps, there could be a new item that storage these extra stacks.

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Well to be fair they did upgrade the max stack from 200 to 999 so you can almost carry 5x more items in a stack. But I think the bank bot is more like a storage for untradeable items but can be a “ender chest” , it’s just a bit expensive.

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They likely designed it this way to increase usage of storage items (Small chests, safes, all of them), if not that they just couldn’t do it with how their database is set up

I just feel there is starting to be many untradable items, but not enough space to store them. :thinking:

yup, with pet tokens and the new aviation gears my vault is full, now I need to buy more slots for 25k gems :grimacing: quite pricey in my opinion but sadly it’s the only option we have.

It costs 250,000 Gems in total for all the slots, which i bought the same day it came out back in 2019.

Yeah maybe I should start buying more slots, it seems worth it in the long run.

Quite expensive in my opinion, to be honest.
But maybe that’s just me?

nope you are correct, the bank bot is quite expensive and most players probably have never even used it before.

It really is, but would it be game breaking if Multiple Stacks were allowed, however?
Just imagine how easy your inventory can be trash pranked, but at the same time, it’s easy to transport items from one place to another…

damn even qqq wants more stacks

this would be pretty nice.
imagine the new trash pranks , someone will drop 30 stacks of 999 soil.

i think it would be cool for there to also have a way to trash multiple items at once