Mute Feature

It’s kind of weird how the mute feature works in this game.
Yes, you do mute the person you want to mute, but it’s really… temporary

Once you leave the world and re-enter, the player gets unmuted. This is of course annoying if you’re trying to mute a sponsor spam GM-ing his world (say, P2P Hosts :face_vomiting:). The same also applies after waiting for some time.

Re-work the mute feature, so that you can PERMANENTLY mute the person you’re trying to mute. Somewhat similar to a blacklist option…


Yes and we will be able to see muted list and can unmute them in panel of some sort


Good idea. Similar to the one in GT.

Which isn’t a bad thing.

If there’s something Growtopia does right, it’s the system for interacting with other players, from being able to mute them easily to being able to report them easily. The friends list system is also decent.


Bump. Need people to see this. The mute feature is nearly useless in this game ngl.

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hmmm maybe you can choose for how long you want to mute him:
1 hour
10 hours
1 day
10 days