My account got banned for 3650 days

hello pixel worlds support, recently my computer got ratted by a good friend of mine that he often goes to my house and i let him play games on my pc.But this time i wans’t expecting this, when he left my house i go to my pc and think everything is fine but my mouse started moving on its own and i started to panic cuz this never happend to me before so i just shut off my pc and think it was just a bad dream but the next day i was going to play pw when 10 year ban out of nowhere and this happend like 2 weeks ago.
i hope you can fiz this issue cuz im the victim i did nothing wrong and i never would risk all of my memoris that i made on pw just go to wast i even bought some bundle items to support the game because i really like spending time on pw.But now its no longer possible because i got banned.

thank you for your attention. ign:pliomaster

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Firstly, here is not the support, it’s forums :wink:

Your friend surely had access to your pc remotely… Have you tried to talk to your friend about this?

I’m not even going to read this thread
Don’t be stupid and you won’t get banned okay :blush:

That’s not in this case. From what the person said, their friend had remote access to their PC and well, his friend may have done something to his account. I wouldn’t say it was this guy’s fault fully, but rather bad trust in the wrong friend. This could also be Illegal. :eyes:

Maybe read the whole thing next time?

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Allowing their friend to have remote access to their computer is stupid.

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Ok IvampireI

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If you read what the guy said, or if you misread my post, he clearly didn’t know what was happening. It’s obvious that he didn’t do it on purpose. All the guy did was allow his friend to play on his PC while he was over. His friend could’ve installed a virus or app on his PC without OP knowing, allowing his friend to have remote access.

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I am confused about that but yeah allowing your friend to use your PC isn’t really a good idea unless you really really really really really really know him well, very well

Did your friend download anything suspicious? Maybe an autoclicker?
Cause I’m pretty sure 3650 day bans can’t be appealed, so it must have been something severe

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Ok I’l also deny my guests’ requests to use my bathroom in case they plant a bomb in there. :smirk: :partying_face: :partying_face:

I agree, but in this case, he trusted his friend, A LOT. As you can see here:



First of all, this is not pw support, second, try find some softwares that controls your mouse (virus, remote control software, etc)

I remember the support or help button from the game leads to the forums or something, might be wrong or fixed already

If I were a new person I would honestly think forums would be a good way to solve a problem, you know, asking how to solve the problem since support is dead


Even if pliomaster trusted his friend, he was wrong his friend isn’t trustworthy and that’s his fault. I wouldn’t say he deserves the ban but there is no way he is getting unbanned. Unless he somehow comes up with concrete proof like a video of his friend on his computer but even then I doubt he’ll get unbanned. This is a hopeless case as is 95 percent of these,

Me got banned my account messages.

Are you poison banned?

it was a program called “teamviewer” at first i din’t think it was anything but i looked up on google and its a rat. and i have no idea what could have caused a 10 year ban

i found a program called “teamviewer” wich is a rat

No, the button in game “help and support” brought me here

whats is poison banned?

i knew my friend for 4 years but i already blocked him every where and im trying to get my accounts unbanned.As i said i let him play games on my pc because i knew him when i was 8 years old (now im 12).