My account is banned

2/26/2023: So this is gonna sound like a bunch of lies but the reason I haven’t been online on pw is because my account is falsely banned for 10 years.
-How it happened is thursday at around 5pm I opened pixel worlds and I was logged out of my account, I tried logging in but my password wasn’t working, I was putting the correct password I had created but it didn’t work, I was visiting relatives with my family so I just said frick this I’m not dealing with this now and closed my phone.
-Realization happened on friday at 1am when I opened the game and realized I can change the password cause I have a recovery email so I did. I got a new similar password, logged in and I all of the sudden a screen pops up telling me I am banned for 3650 days aka 10 years for hacking
-I was kinda nervous cause I didn’t want to lose my account to a false ban cause someone else had either taken my account or a really shitty bug happened. I emailed Kukouri about the situation and in the email I told that “my account was stolen” cause I was 100% sure no bug logs you out and bans you for 10 years for no reason.

2/28/2023: Kukouri hasn’t responded since the day I emailed (4 days ago) and I don’t know if I will be getting help, all I really just want is my account back cause I lost it for something that I didn’t do. Honestly cause I have no proof that it wasn’t me I don’t think I’ll be getting the account back, all I have is an image of the game telling me I’m banned (with the file date)
-I don’t know if Kukouri has seen the email yet but I hope I get a response and my account back as soon as possible cause I don’t want to lose the account, especially not like this cause I put a lot of work on it and I’ve known the game since 2017. I don’t know if I should try contacting Kukouri in another way to try and get a response which bothers me.
-I told 3 of my friends about this and they told me that my account will most likely be unbanned. I’ve been also telling the story for others on PixelWorlds trying to find someone who had the same experience but I didn’t find anyone.

If anyone here has had the same experience please tell me what to do at this point

Crap. I just realized after typing up a big brain solution that you got banned on phone. On iOS/iPhone, it’s nigh impossible to cheat the game. On android devices, you can download .apk trainers that are possibly infected. I wouldn’t know though because I am an iPhone purist and because screw android and samsung.

There’s also the PC version, which I got banned on.

In my case for computer, I had to give evidence proving my innocence. Within minutes of getting banned, I gave them screenshots of my Task Manager, my Program Files and Downloads folders without any suspicious software, and receipts proving that I was using a new and clean SSD (Solid State Drive) that was just delivered to me within the same day that I got banned.

In your case, unless you also play on computer, it’s possible that your account got stolen. (holy crap I got deja vu typing that part…) Don’t give away your passwords and use a strong password that can’t be guessed.

Go on Discord and ask Lokalapsi while she’s online to respond to your email. You have to catch her while she’s active though. When she responds to your email, tell her that your account was probably stolen and that you were banned for hacking. Give them receipts of gems/vip purchases that prove you own the account.
If you play on iPhone, screenshot every screen that shows no suspicious apps and provide it to them. If you play on android, best of luck.

Remember to be polite, professional, and patient with your email responses.

i dont think sending screenshots of your software is gonna be much helpful as on any device any file or program can be deleted without a trace or hidden