My Bytecoins become neagtive

Hello good day everyone! can somebody help me any admin or moderators in game i transfer my bytecoin to my other account when i reach 2billion it got negative and i dont’t know how to fix it. I will be happy if someone help me. Thankyou so much!

You went over the byte integer limit (which I believe is around 1.5bil)

There is no current fix for it. You’re either totally screwed or you can try emailing support and seeing if they’ll help you. Unlikely, but worth a shot at least. The email is

no, the developers have already refused to help anyone that went over the integer limit which is 2,147,483,647

I mean if that’s true I don’t know how they’re so stoopid. it’s not the players’ fault???

Every single player that had this happen to them was either a gambler or illegal trader, a normal player wealthy enough to have the possibility to reach that amount would’ve known the limit.
At least there’s no automated permanent ban when reaching an amount close to that.

I don’t agree.

We have all played the game long enough to know no one can reach that level of bytes without directly cheating or benefiting from it…

It is impossible to achieve that via normal game play.

I would grant that if a player had a 2 letter world from a very long time ago they could sell it for a vast sum … But the BC used to buy it ? Well see my opening paragraph

I don’t really have any sympathy for their loss

ok maybe I overlooked that.

Maybe you just need to donate people from now on haha