My early days story in Pixel Worlds (reply down yours too!)

So this is my story when I first joined pw, feel free to reply down your own as well!

So I joined late 2019, when the alien booster just released (I think) my original name was Tiberius101 if I am correct. So back then, there was no tutorial, no cinematic, no newbie locks. So it was pretty tough starting. But then I just kept on doing the quests for new players until I did them all. I went to pixelstation to do the dailybonus too (I believe the froggy hat was the prize back then). I bought a small lock and locked the entrance like all other non-possessing world lock owners have. I remember just breaking my world, getting seeds, and trying to break stuff like lava, obsidian, and marble, but got no seeds from them cuz back then the trees that are naturally there were not a thing back then. It kept on being like that until I eventually was able to get other noob clothes from other players who randomly drop it. I remember this guy named Trayan (Not sure if that’s the name, it is just what I remember), who was actually my first friend. He was trading me a world lock (back then I didnt know what it was) but then I think it was just a troll. He invited me to his world STRIKECOUSINS, it is something like that I honestly forgot exactly what, which decayed as of now and he donated me stuff. I wonder where he is now. I remember asking people how to get world locks, nobody told me (sad). I remember I went to a shop by a noob. He was selling stuff but for some reason when I was trying to sell the one thing that he had too, he banned me (pretty weird right?). Then I started inviting people to my world. You are calling me crazy right now since I dont have a world lock but back then, I was gullible xD. So one time, I invited this guy. He told me to let him out which I did. He then placed a medium lock which made me trapped back at the entrance. “I have your world” was what he said. I remember feeling bad. Which later on I found out to never trust people unless you really know they wont backstab you. He broke some parts of my world. I eventually got my world back. I still remember his name but I would not say it here. I started selling stuff that were not worth it but somehow I got 1K bytes after that. But, I forgot my password cuz I made the stupid decision to log off without a recovery email.

Now, my next account TiberiusZgo. I started it around late 2019 too. It was more succesful. I forgot how, but I managed to sell trash and got like 400 bytes. I remember getting scammed via drop game the first time, I lost lord’s cape and executioner’s axe, which is not a big deal by today’s standards. I also got my legit first world lock but it was via donation by a guy who was about to quit. I remembered how happy I was, cuz I thought getting a world lock is impossible. I remember back when my brother was playing, he traded his demon wings for chaos helmet which back then was a good deal. I remember being excited because that was the first legendary I and we, possessed. I remember, I lost all of that via mannequin scam. My demon wing, chaos helm, dual elven blades +more, GONE. I was seriously ready to quit until I managed to get back up. I remember catching a lava moth, and selling it for 20 world lcoks. I was SO HAPPY cuz that was the most world locks I have ever had back then and I thought the trader was joking since 20 wls seemed a lot to me. Days turned to months, hours and hours of playing, until I was able to earn 30K gems, archy black+ dead rocker coat set, a few summer items of 2020, then got a pretty decent amount of bytes. I joined a clan too back then, it was called Dew clan (the clan is level 10 now). My friend back then, told me that a youtuber who was pretty famous was a scammer. I decided to log in into a new acc since that youtuber already saw me in the same world I was gonna use my alt in. It turns out nothing really happened, but when I tried to login to my main account… THE PASSWORD I WAS TYPING IN WAS INCORRECT. I was panicking, I tried every single pass I knew then I remembered changing my password (that I forgot) then ONCE AGAIN I HAD NO RECOVERY EMAIL. I had a literal heartattack back then. For about an hour I was having PTSD since that account was like a year old and was pretty pro. I decided to start a new account [ZGO] which is where I’m at now.

If you are wondering why my name here is TiberiusZgo instead of the one currently, then it is because I am paying tribute to that account because it was one of the best ones I had.

And here I am now, having a net worth of 250+ wls in bytes (once I sell the one thing during summer event). It is pretty crazy how much I have progressed despite losing 2 accounts and getting scammed many times. It just goes to show that no matter what, never give up.

I hope my story kind of inspires people too :slight_smile:


my story is that i broke bbb religiously


I committed genocide


I really hope you learned from your mistakes and you have a recovery email for your account.


Yes I did, in fact, in the account I am at right now, I have a recover email


i used to do that in my early days but I gave up on BBB coz it took too long to break haha (I only rely on spike bombs for gems now and stuff), also, in my early days I just played PW by myself, I wasn’t really socializing back then haha


i joined pixel worlds at 2018 (idk maybe 2019) i do many things for some items and others! few months and i have many things (few pl or many wls) and i lost that acc that time… after few years i forgot pixel worlds and at 2020 before summer or at summer update when i got new pc i found pixel worlds, it reminds me to the game i played few years ago, i made another acc and i los tit in 3 days lol so i make another acc (that i use rn) i do many nether! (never bored) i got many gems because of that! and after that i got full grey alien set… i use that set for a long time and i rlly want to get wings i ask many ppls to give me wings but you know it will never works :confused: so i buy vip and i totally claim the vip without use it until i can buy demon wings, i was so happy after get that wings.
I rlly want to get the wings and so i still use demon wings for few months, after that i do many profit with wls until i got soda jetpack (my first jetpack) the seller give cheap xd, so after i got jetpack i take a break for few weeks (idk).

So 3 months after mining update i create my own mining set (50 armor maybe?) and i totally spend time got all of the set. Then i create my first blueprint few months ago (just alien orb lol) and i just rlly want to get vip so i got vip and idk what am i doing after that, i also make a clan [VANO] it happens in my bday actually, but i got mad to pw bcs it says 500k for 50$ (forgot) and with tax it became 80$ it totally just waste money tho, i use phone because it doesn’t works at pc at that time .-. and i just bored with the game…

now… i still get bored because no awesome and exciting updates, i was thinking if the card update gonan be good but as i see it just boring and wasting gems

thats my story…

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Im pretty sure the newbie lock was there in 2019. I remember my friends whom i convinced to play getting them


Short Summary


No fishing, no mining, was only farming. Still in the age of being dumb enough to fall for fake prices


Only fishing and still fell for fake prices


Only fishing and still fell for fake prices, the type of guy who’s desperate to sell things for cheap


Fishing, lost an account, used an alt and mined, got 2 pl which I gaveaway by quitting


Mined, fished, hoarded, got alot of profit and met you guys :slight_smile:


Ready to hear mine :slight_smile:

I started this game for the first time before viking update i think… and it was when i didnt understand english at all! And yes…i think i were 9-10 back then xd
I played it like 5h on my grannys tablet? xd please dont ask why xd me and my best irl friend played it and opened alot of cloth packs and we had alot of magic stuff! Both had 200 and over! Well… it were subject account and i deleted that game back then! Would be nice to get that account back :slight_smile: well…time goes and i think when pvp update came out i started playing it with my phone :0 my first account: pvpenderman. I never had wls on that account but i had alot of spike bombs :slight_smile: then had to change to new phone and my account didnt save xd next account did good i think… first i got my first wl (dont ask how, i cant remember) and then i got pixie wings! I were happy back then when i hot my first pixie wings :slight_smile: then st.patrick hoodie came and i wanted it but didnt get it :frowning: then i bought familiar which was crow :slight_smile: and then i got scammed/hacked by tht thing where you “get” alot gems if yu tell your password and nickname…i were stupid xd i quitted… but then i come back with pvpenderman101 :smiley: i started playing with that account and got a nice set… it had demons, xmas hoodie thingy and xmas fullsuit thingy idk what those items are xd but then had to change phone again…and i didnt remember password… well here it comes… pvpenderman9191 yeeeeee! First account with recovery email :slight_smile: well…i think this were the best account! I had good start and got 10-20 wls which was my record! And now i have over worth of 300wls of bytes!!! What made me sad the most in this account…well when i finally got beach umb and then got scammed by mannequin scam :confused: but this account is my real account rn and im happy! And got pw to pc 1-2 years ago :slight_smile: that were my story :smiley:


the guy banned you from his shop cause you were ruining his business

also I joined 2018, I sold expensive items cheap,got scammed my pixel wings, quitted the dumb game, rejoined the dumb game, taking a break from this dumb game.

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Here’s my, pretty short story:


Honestly I got no idea did I played Pixelworlds in late 2016 or in the early of 2017, probably somewhere there, I did really nothing back then, only looked around old good DAILYBONUS…
I don’t remember clearly but I think I played it for a month or so.


Pure silence, I didn’t played anymore Pixel worlds on these days.


Nothing, only dust here.


So, somewhere near the valentine I got bored in my good old tablet and thought about downloading Pixel Worlds again, and then… uh yes, downloaded it, now I saw the true fun that was in this game, at first I made my own world, I had really big interest to start fishing but I didn’t know where I could start, so I went to my old favorite fishing world which is dead nowadays sadly, I really miss this old design and such…

I remember asking for the most basic rod from some guy who luckily gave it to me, I was really happy so I bought some lures and started right off!

In may 2020 or somewhere there I decided to open Bsp shop, which I never opened…

In somewhere June someone stole my account (Yes, I didn’t had strong password) and lost almost everything…

Anyways I created new account, I did a lot with this one, finished summer questline, participated in halloween, lots of fun, anyways I changed to new account, the current one, about few days before I joined to forums, I was looking for good new name for ages already but then finally found one!


So, this year I have not been really playing Pixel worlds that much but I am still pretty active there, I am really waiting for summer questline and halloween to come again!

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2016: Portal Worlds beta
2017: played, quit
2018: played one or two times for half an hour
2019: same as 2018
2020: Joined the forums during the last day of the year, played for ten hours total
2021: mined

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I’ll write my story in sort of a nutshell since I have a bad habit of writing whole essays for these things.


I found Pixel Worlds while browsing YouTube on my Nintendo 2DS, and saw it looked a lot like Growtopia but with way better of graphics. I dug around for my SUPER old tablet from 2013 that was way too slow to even run the home screen, and managed to get PW and make an account under the name of “Terrariaman”, which had been my original Growtopia Username from back in the day. I stopped playing PW shortly after, however.
Note that PW wasn’t available in my country so I just VPN’d to Australia to get it lmao.


I rejoined in January under the name “Shype”, and joined the forums under the name “Sackatizer50”. I also started my own YouTube channel for PW, which I’d go on to make videos and streams of various games for about a year or so.
During this year, I was known in the forums for writing Pixel Worlds Fanfictions, namely “Dark Past, Bright Future”, which was even adapted by Jake into a Pixel Worlds video, and a friend of mine made a WOTW based off of it, too. (Thanks again you all, I’m still humbled to this day over that!)


I don’t quite remember too many interesting things happening this year, but I did hang out and make a lot of friends. I recall doing crossover videos with other PW YouTubers, and guest starring in someone’s livestream, but sadly I don’t remember who LOL.


I was slowing down in Pixel Worlds, and started dealing with a lot of personal problems and mental issues which resulted in a lot of unnecessary chaos. Started to not play PW anymore.


I was away from PW most of this year, but did rejoin the forums under the name @Joestar but switched to this Bluvox account since I’ve decided Bluvox will be my main name everywhere in PW.


Played off and on, but when the card update rolled out, I seriously rejoined PW and play it frequently, and I am quite active in the forums here as well. I am also working on more PW fan projects, but this time in the form of comics.


I have a really bad fart that was a little too close to the point of no return.
Ok jokes aside, I’ll see what 2022 brings!


I joined, made a youtube channel, wrote some fanfictions, had a breakdown, rejoined, and I’m making comics now.

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2016 I was a huge growtopia addict back then so when I heard about pixel worlds from growtopia youtubers then I obviously wanted to try it out immediately, unfortunately the game was not available in Estonia so I was pretty disappointed because I knew I could’ve locked a lot of rare world names but I couldn’t. Back then I didn’t know I could have just downloaded pixel worlds APK file and play it.

2017 About 2 months later I installed it and started playing it, played it for a few weeks or months and then quitted playing it. But I did check the game every once in a while. Was pretty inactive.

2018 I don’t remember what happened here, I was very poor at the time so I suppose I wasn’t really playing at all just logging in from time to time.

2019 this is the year I got suspended from growtopia, since I was so addicted I had to find an alternative to growtopia and the obvious choice was pixel worlds. This is where playing pixel worlds started to get more serious, I was mostly playing for fun though, so I was still pretty poor, well technically I wasn’t poor, I did find decayed worlds with rare items but I did not sell the items.

2020 This is when I actually started to play pixel worlds seriously. I started working hard doing a lot of nether worlds and got my dream item soda jet pack. I started getting really rich due to collecting a lot of limited items (for cheap) and just simply being insanely lucky with decayed worlds and other stuff.

2021 This year in a nutshell: having extreme amounts of luck.

Future: I honestly feel like I will become one of the richest players in the game.

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I would be interested in you telling us about the times you were lucky.

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Sure, I have a lot to say

Won flight captain coat from hangar sold 12k byte

Found 15k byte worth of stuff from a decayed world

Won tridentist teeth on secret base 4th try (17k byte)

Found world BUTT open

Found world with items worth 70 wls +

Two decayed worlds found on the same day worth 500+ wls combined

Won jet pack on simon says sold 26.5k byte

Won bee-bee from daily bonus sold 11899

These are just a few examples I picked from my luck list I’ve been making since 2021. (I call it extreme because it happens so often)



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Idk how to do those fancy list things so yea
I knew about the games existance since they uploaded their first video but I couldnt play it because I had a garbage phone, so after a while I kinda forgot about the game.

Joined the game in the middle of the summer event, scammed B0UNTY’s pumpkin pet but then gave it back to him 2 days later, I wasnt really involved in the community until late 2017. This was the time when I found a friend who I had to cut ties with later because he was just like not supportive at all.

I honestly dont really have that much memories of 2018 all i remember is that this was the time when I joined the PW discord and got a ton of friends to play the game with. This was the time when I got a bit wealthier as well. I also started watching the live streams mid 2018 and getting even more involved with the community. In 2018 I got my first ever Legendary rarity item and it was the SHOUTGUN which I sold for 150 WLs back then.

Early 2019 I met one of my best friends on PW his name is A Key, he was playing the game and I saw his status on discord, so I decided to DM him and we are still friends to this day. This was the time when I really got into fishing and wanted to get 1 Million gems for the black tower but that 1 million turned into 150k because I was lazy, BUT I still got my first ever black tower legendary and it was the Dark Sprite Mask. (I still have it to this day) I also kinda stopped being friends with my old friends at this time because some toxic rats came who just took my spot and I couldnt do anything about it lol
I also founded the FURRY clan in 2019

In early 2020 I was starting to get bored of the game because I didnt really have that much people to play it with so I kinda stopped playing it until March when I met SlightSmileFurry, IReallyLikeLatexFurry and MuskyHuskyFurry (These are not their usernames idiot lol) I still consider SlightSmileFurry one of my best friends and the other 2 are just like good friends lol
This was the year when mining came out and I was obsessed with it, I bought high tier mining set for myself and got 3.3Mil gems for the black tower, I was extremely frustrated because I didnt get a legendary from the BT until the last 100k gems and it was the dark ifrit mask, and now I have 1 ghost wing, the full witch hunter set and 999 extra candies lol
After that winter came some stuff happened in my life that id rather not talk about and Xmas came and Jake did these world giveaways where I won 4 sweetheart swords and a topaz ore block from the christmas games he hosted. I also won my first WOTW

Nothing much happened this year yet
other than me winning my 2nd WOTW and starting my first hoard.

I dont care if i made a mistake smh

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here's my very short but cool story.


jk. here it is