My first pixel art i Ever Made

This is my first pixel art i Ever Made…
I hope u like it;
Lmao i took it down cuz its crap!
What do u think of it?


Very cool! XD Pink underwear, I would wear it.

nice concept :grinning:

Its just a test picture

HOW did you even make that??

U dont know how to make pixel art?

Yes I do but what app did you use to make this artwork?

I like the art BUT there is a problem. Your art isn’t pixel perfect, what you need to do is make so the original image matches with the resolution so one pixel you draw is one pixel of the character.
Keep up your work!

I use ibispaint it has really much features and its very Easy to use but It pays.
I downloaded for Free xd

Also that is seriously my first art work i Made.
If u check my other topic “Colored pixies” u see better art than here

I recommend u piskel if you’re looking for a free, simple pixel art app
If you do get better at pixel art later on you can buy Aseprite as it’s the best pixel art app imo

Nah ibispaint is good for me:)

Its my first Ever Made pixel art pic dudeee…
Still learning about it

What happened to the pixels? like the colours behind it, you still see them. - [The Pixelian itself]

Yea ik that looks like fully crap!

Guys can I show my first ever pixel art?

Go create a thread in #community-creations Art
If it’s related