My new profile picture :D

My new profile picture!
Do you guys like :slightly_smiling_face:
(im still sad my lil bro got hacked :frowning:)


Hacking someone’s account in pixel worlds is impossible unless they download something obviously sketchy, or give out their password.

You don’t know how hacking works
Maybe call it “highly unlikely” instead of impossible

If I don’t know how hacking works, then you go ahead and enlighten me on how you can hack someone’s account only by knowing their in-game name.

Good profile art. Also please send a support email at (email) just in case if you have more questions about it and all the scammed items will not be returned.

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I am confused, what’s the purple pinkish crystals on top of your head about?

I’d recommend making the aspect ratio 1:1 so it’s a square, since profile pictures most of the time are square.
Nice profile picture either way.

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There are many different ways in which people’s accounts can get breached. Of course, I can’t name all of them, because I’m not a hacker, but it’s certainly possible.

It’s certainly possible, if we look at it philosophically, but otherwise it is out-of-reach.

Could you name three ways of people’s accounts being breached by others just knowing their in-game-name?

I’m quite concerned. If it is possible for someone to steal my account when they just know my in-game-name, Kukouri isn’t doing enough to protect the players’ accounts.

One method is all I can think of when it comes to breaching someone’s account purely through a username, that one method being a brute-force attack.

My point was, there are many ways that a Pixel Worlds account can get breached outside of someone downloading something obviously sketchy, or giving out their password.

Sometimes companies suffer from data breaches, which can lead to millions of customers having their account details leaked. If people use the same username and password for multiple accounts, then their account can get breached that way.

Potentially, someone could also see them signing into their account in a public place, which may also lead to their account being breached.

These are both very specific examples, but they get my point across.