My old PW Fanfictions

So, I thought I’d just post the Wattpads of what PW fanfictions I saved from the old forums.
These are old and not very well written, but I’m proud of the content I made at the time. Feel free to read any if you’d like.

Dark Past, Bright Future
A fanfiction set in sort of an alternate Pixel Worlds. This tells the story of a special subject that was created and turned out to be something truly unique, uncovering the dark secrets of Pixel Worlds and the power within themselves.
This fanfiction also got an adaptation of the first chapter done by Jake himself! (Which I’m still amazed at to this day, thanks again, Jake!)

Envisioning Of The Bright Future
The sequel to Dark Past, Bright Future. It follows a mysterious man named Binary, who can travel between dimensions destroying “imposters”, until one day something different happens, revealing many secrets of the universe.

Pixel Worlds: Platinum Stars
A new original Pixel Worlds Fan-Novel of mine that follows Avester, a brand new subject, going through Pixel Worlds as any other until strange things begin to happen, causing him and others to go on a huge adventure spanning different dimensions and learning the dark past of Pixel Worlds.

Those are the only 3 I saved to Wattpad. I had many more unfinished and scrapped ones on the forums, but they’re gone obviously.
Anyway, if you do read these, please do tell me what you think, I spent a lot of time on these and I’ll say, I’m pretty proud to have created things I can look back on.


Jake puts up a good performance, you can definitely tell why he’s the community manager.


Oh wow, nice archiving man

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Aaah yeah, I remember watching that video when it came out.
But for some strange reason, I have always thought this has to do with the actual lore of the game.
For some reason the developers made the story contest back in the day. :thinking:

"Remember the past, regain the future".

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