My opinion summer 2021

so i just finished 2021 summer…
1 lvl up, spend 42k, and the wings looks bad bruh,
the only good stuff is the shield, the mrcoffee designed weapon, and the bubble machine,
i spend time selling my rare items (maybe imma sell those summer items back bcs it looks bad)
but yes it rlly good to finished my first ever summer on my whole time playing pw.

ok this actually pretty have a good effect but it doesn’t have the sound effect so ok 8/10

this one uh i alr see this few weeks ago in mrcoffeeplay ig i like that art, i don’t believe it been added in game xd 7/10

this wing… it looks cool while it was in the inventory icon but it looks small while i use it… 8/10

thats my opinion, have a good day!


I would give the wings 7/10 since it has no effect :confused:

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I love the wings, looks pretty cool paired with a blue set. : D

I tried them with blue dreadlocks and waterfall dress from last year. It’s beautiful