My perspective And my mental health and explanations

This is not a drama post do not reply if you have something rude to say
The beginning

June 30th 2021, I decided to join the newly made forums, I was a veteran of the old forums but I never really used the site that much, I had been reading the newly made forums since they were made in December 2020, I didnt make a previous account before, but just scrolling every now and then, I didn’t decide to join until june 30th as I sat on my old office chair in my decaying room, and then
I made my account The first few weeks I spent making art posts, etc adding to the discussion, then a few months later somehow I became a hated person for one single comment on my friends post, like a melancholy whistle in the scheme of things, I commented “dont support it but ok i guess” somehow I managed to get cancelled for my beliefs, I thought people were allowed to have an opinion, and let me remind you this was my friends post this gave me ton of backlash when I didnt say I directly hated the community or anything of the sorts, that got me on the bad side of some people, but it wasn’t over somehow I got attacked again for flagging a few posts that were against the rules, then the person used numerous accounts, at this point I just dmed freak and fell asleep, then the person begins attacking me and calling me phobic, I gave him a reason why I told freak i did call him a not nice word which im sorry about and i was wrong but he counteracted saying I was a transphobe over and over and his entourage agreed with him at that point I just got suspended, I didn’t mind I deserved it for arguing on a place which should be calm and fun experience for people, now im branded as a toxic, rude player,homophobe,transphobe loser.

The exclusion

I’ve been excluded from things all my life, whether it be online or in real life this has effected me over time, to a very closed off person, always hiding my emotions when I say im fine, it feels like your in a glass cube filled with water and you can’t get out and you don’t cry or make a ruckus, you just have a searing anger and pain within yourself, with me it has been siblings, irl friends, online friends, who just misunderstand you and just exclude you from everyone else.

I am not a bad person I just wanted to clear up some misinformation, and give you my perspective on everything and my mental health I hope everything is cleared up, have a amazing day

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Oh… I never expected my post explaining my transgender thoughts would lead to this… sorry…

I’m sorry to know this… the :

It’s was ok, like i didn’t cared that much about this message but some people didn’t and made drama saying you were transphobic… which is sad…
Well i started become acive on forums since like 2 months ago, (like kinda the same moment when i decided to start my youtube channel) i added 2go of ram in my pc and started using a second monitor which allowed me to do tons of things i wasn’t able to do before (like multitasking, using discord while playing games without having to check my phone)
but yea… again… i’m sorry this started due to me explaining my situation…

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Thanks. i just wanted people to know where ive been.

Mental health refers to cognitive, behavioural, and emotional well-being. It is all about how people think, feel, and behave. People sometimes use the term “mental health” to mean the absence of a mental disorder. Mental health can affect daily living, relationships, and physical health.

Pixel World’s moderators are the absolutely worst people you can discuss your issues with as they cannot compile valid advice and they will only just provide tips that help themselves but not considering about other people’s emotions! What @Freak replied and did was completely wrong but you should also know well not to add more fuel to fire as it can cause an explosion. In other words, it will just aggravate the situation more!

You are not a toxic, rude player, homophobe, transphobe loser. You are just a normal, human being with equal rights as everyone else and you should ignore the people who look down and beguile you!

If you feel like you are being excluded from certain activities and losing friends, please talk to your parents and if not, just do the things you like doing the best that suits your own mental and physical health, for example, going out for walks or even playing pixel worlds with a smile :slight_smile:

Remember, you are not alone! Many people are out there with mental illness but you should never let yourselves down and keep moving forward!

I wish you and everyone the best of luck! :muscle:


sad to hear ;-;

Don’t take virtual games too seriously; it’s important to differentiate real life and games.
Certain people will call everyone who disagrees with them trans or whatever phobes, in an attempt to shut down the opponent. These people are usually fixated on social justice and finding inequality in everything. AKA Woke.

I can see myself crying because of the Growtopia forums almost three years ago. I do get it.

I wouldn’t write an entire essay about my personal mental health onto some game’s forums, though. Seems excessive and over-dramatic, even if your essay-writing skills improve.


@YTBoyz this was the mental health part

thank you for the support

meh, i just wanted to get it out there.

Well said. I wish you the best dealing with it. Good luck!


Sorry, but if your mental issue starts to get worsen because of the game you should take a break for a while :+1:.

But otherwise, theres nothing wrong if your just telling the truth. As what they say “The Truth hurts”. Just ignore them.

(Just don’t make the conversation into a controversy, then you’ll be fine.)

Good luck!