My Pixel Worlds Experience 🔔

:bell: My Pixel Worlds Experience :bell:

Hola! SofiaSakura here,

I’ve been playing Pixel Worlds for a while now. I feel like I’m starting to become bored.
It’s not just because of the content, it’s more because of the fact that I may not know everything I need to know about the game. Anyway, I’m starting to think that all methods of making gems, etc. is becoming tiresome and I honestly just feel like stopping and maybe focusing on building worlds instead.

Fishing is honestly just a boring experience and I know it gets quicker the further you progress but it’s just not for me. Mining is okay, I honestly don’t mind it but it’s still tiresome in my opinion. Farming is actually more fun to me because I’m able to focus on building my world while doing it. I don’t know why I’m even posting this thread. I just want to share my experience with others and hopefully some of you will be able to recommend things to me on how I can progress better and maybe there’s a better way for a semi-beginner to make some great progression towards earning enough gems and byte coins?

I’m sorry if my English isn’t very good. I’m trying my best but I really hope you all have a great time! I’m not quitting the game but I’m saying that I’m becoming unsure of where I stand in this experience.

Any thoughts and advice?



Maybe you should try to do a WOTW :wink:

In my opinion, it’s more mining that is boring for me… cool thing about fishing is that while i wait for a strike, i can play games on my phone and keep an eye on the forums.

Don’t worry, i can fully understand you and your english is pretty good (in my opinion)

Hmm… as i mentionned… if you like to do some world building, you should try to do a WOTW… have you ever tried to do some decay world hunting…? Some people have fun doing this and you can profit a lot if you are lucky.


Well, all you can do is find someone that is like you and be-friend with them.
Everything in this game is pretty much repetitive.
And since you are new here , you’ve already seen the boredom of the game.

Just take a break from whatever you are doing in Pixel Worlds and get PW Tools, so you can create some worlds , take it as “Creative mode”.

Also , you don’t want progression in this game , you don’t want people to be-friend you just because you are rich.
Because , if that happens , you will be a victim of a scamming group.

Just chill in game , no need for progression.


Thank you for the great advice! :blush:

I agree with you that fishing is actually quite fun. I find it boring to begin with though.

Thank you for the compliment on my english, I’m trying my best. Hihi.

I’ll try the WOTW idea… I feel like it may be the best way forwards for me. I’ve not tried to do some decay world hunting. I feel it takes a very long time though and if I’m not mistaken, I think there’s too many already doing this. Thank you for the ideas though ;-;


ahh thats why you always respond so quickly and mostly are the first to reply…

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I can also recommend you to do your Daily Quests (if you don’t already), not just for the rewards, but because they make you use many features in a non-grindy way which will make it a lot harder to get tired of the same repetitive task (yes, there are some quests that take grinding, but who says you can’t skip them?).

Wiring also can be quite enjoyable, although a bit costly when having high ambitions. But getting a complex contraption to finally work makes it more than worth it.

On a more general note, I think it might be counterproductive that many (or at least what I perceive are many) tell new players to go to Nether, then Mine and Fish. I don’t think those people have bad intentions whatsoever, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a negative side effect.
The thing is that advice for new players almost always consists of what features are going to be the most profitable, but rarely ever of any other features. Pixel Worlds is more than Nether, Fishing and Mining 24/7. After all, what would you do with all the riches you gained from that if there weren’t any fun features to use them on?
I think focusing on making worlds for example is a great idea. It doesn’t need to cost that much and, for the people who can’t live without it, even gets you profit if are able to sell worlds or designs. Also, while I haven’t made that many, I still enjoyed making worlds (especially FREETOPLAY, which I also put the most effort in) and it’s something you can hardly get bored of, as long as you have new ideas. Sadly, not many are building worlds besides the obligatory farm, storage & main world, perhaps since it is rarely given as advice.


Thank you for the very useful advice! I also really appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into your comment. I’ve not stopped doing my Daily Quests. You’re right, I do feel it’s less repetitive when I’m accepting Daily Quests. I’ll also recommend this to anyone else that feels the tasks are too repetitive.

I’ve not tried wiring but I’ll hopefully reach that goal soon.

You’re right about the conterproductiveness. Thank you again for the helpful advice. It’s very sweet of you to agree with the direction I’d like to move towards. Building worlds is something that I really enjoy. I feel that designing a world can just make it all worth it. I’ll try to sell any of my worlds in the future. I find that building worlds is the part that I find the least boring. Farming is still mostly fun, it’s breaking blocks and having the enjoyment of collecting more seeds. It’s quite satisfying to watch the seeds double. But right now I think I’m having a lot of fun just reading everyone’s very helpful comments.

It’s unfortunate that World Building is becoming a rarity. Maybe there’s just not enough guidance to the reasons for why a player should build a world. I’ve created a farm world and also a storage. My main world is still in-development. Thank you so much to everyone for being so kind and honest.

I know it would’ve been easier to just tell me to try again but I appreciate the detailed responses. All of your advice is really helping me feel more motivated to try again.

Thank you! :blush:


You can also just visit random worlds parkour, giveaway, or just- anything (but trading worlds) and talk and make friends with people here. It feels so fresh, I did that yesterday.

You can also make your own kind of projects, like I converted my clan into a helping center for new players :smiley: