My Pixel Worlds wish list

Jake said on his recent live stream, that he was making a wish list with the viewers ideas or something like that. I had been making a list of ideas before, the list is not finished yet, but right now it’s the best time to share the list so that’s what I will do.
Some of these I’ve heard from players and some are my own ideas. If I find something new I’ll update it.

  • More inventory
  • XP potion, using this potion will give you XP boost for 5 minutes, it is craftable with the cauldron
  • More perk slots
  • Ability to buy more packs at once
  • Adding more music or make the music update
  • Updating the tutorial
  • Improving Pixel Worlds support
  • Unban feature
  • Global message cooldown
  • Player count that shows how many players are currently online
  • Updating familiars/adding perks to familiars
  • Decreasing PWE provision
  • More trade slots
  • Mega coins
  • Improve farming
  • Private messaging
  • Freezing pets would be cheaper
  • Fish and mine gems having an easy identification
  • Move buttons when you wrench a player, right now instead of viewing players info I accidentally add them and when summoning someone I accidentally ban him.
  • You can specifically order a named familiar on the PWE

Cool ideas, I agree with all. :fire:

I really like these ideas

Maybe this isn’t a good idea. If we can private message everyone, people might spam to others.

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Santa: Ho Ho Ho :santa:

Agree 100%

Debatable, but since you can’t combine it with flask of breaking it’ll probably only be used while fishing or something

Perhaps a VIP feature where you get a bonus perk slot, or one at level 200, not sure.

No harm if done but not something that’s all too necessary

Agree, but there are issues with the apps file size if they add more of their own music. But maybe player generated music would be cool.

Could you elaborate on this? Not sure where you think the tutorial actually needs an improvement since it’s pretty solid at least right now, it doesn’t take too long (long does not mean good) and it teaches you the fundamentals of how the game works, and uses the quest system effectively for “optional” tutorial content, albeit very much intrusive if you don’t complete them.

My experience with the support team has generally been pretty positive, but I’ve heard some people have had issues. Can’t comment.

Just kick people - banning should never really need to be used, and an unban feature would only promote banning even more.

Helps remove a lot of gems from the game with little reward for doing so, I mean it is annoying but you can also mute people from GMs. Perhaps a short cooldown would help for relentless spammers though.

Jake has said that due to their companies policy, they cannot tell you this information accurately.

Agreed, familiars are a little useless aside from their cosmetic value.

Maybe? Since bytes are the main currency it could be a little lower but even so 10% isn’t all too bad, if I want to go buy a can of beans I’d need to pay 13% tax here. Perhaps a bad comparison but still, it’s good for the economy so I don’t really know which side to pick there.

Yeah, agreed. It’d be useful anywhere.

Very much disagree. You can hold a lot of bytes already - the only purpose of the platinum lock existing was because players (at the time) could only hold 200 items in a single slot.

Well, I know the devs want to kinda leave farming be but it’s still good to improve the first parts of the game in some capacity. I don’t know how they could improve it though - adding some new farmable isn’t really that interesting, is it?

Guestbooks, friends list, instagram, discord, etc. all serve as a decent place to try to contact people, I don’t really know if it’s worth adding it in the game but again, in some specific cases, it would be very useful.

I haven’t seen anyone aside EndlesS freeze their pet, so yeah, I guess the price might be too high for some. Maybe it could gradually get cheaper the more days you purchase, so like if you’re going on a 2 month vacation or something it’ll cost much less. Not sure.

If you mean the size of the fish or gemstone, I kinda agree since right now some are quite difficult to see from one another. The gem value… perhaps in the description of the item? Would be convenient.

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But aren’t they just that?? cosmetics? I don’t have a problem if familiars get perks, but like, aside from the fact that I believe wyverns give some sort of perk, and the fact that there are perks that make having a familiar useful, aren’t they cosmetic items? Hats, masks, back items that don’t give some sort of ability, pants, shirts, and shoes that don’t provide armor are all useless and have nothing aside from cosmetic value, but I mean, they’re for looks, aren’t they?

Sadly, only admins have this ;-; would be very useful

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Ahh, the wonder of NDAs. I can just imagine Jake being held at gunpoint and shooting when he says how much players are online.

this would make lure shops and bsp shops very unprofitable for the owner.

yeah i thought this too. part of the reason bsp is somewhat profitable is because shop owners have to spend hours buying packs. this time is then reflected in the prices which are relatively high. if they made it so you can buy like 1000 packs at once (which you couldn’t because inventory space, but imagine), everyone would also want to start a bsp shop because they think easy profit

I do agree in some aspects, yeah. They are intended to be cosmetic but even so, they have their own entire shop category, they have their own feeding & evolution system, feels like they are meant to be more special if you get what I mean.

  • Faster respawn animation
  • World limit 50+
  • Battery saver mode or make more settings to make the gameplay consume less battery
  • Select all items to drop/trash

Devs plz add this :pleading_face:

(If all of these are made in one update, then I can say this is the best update in game)

there is no way lol.

also for the love of god fix something with the disconnecting, I refuse to believe it’s my fault when my device runs perfectly fine, isn’t old, has plenty of storage, and I experience no wifi issues, it disconnects me without even showing the no wifi symbol, I’ve wasted so much on mine keys and blue particles

But we have private messages

private messaging anyone

I agree with some of the suggestions, since there are some that have been asked for a long time ago, but also there are some of them that I don’t agree with.
It would be cool if we could have more features suggested by the community in the game more often.

does jake go to the forums to see?