My world ideas

As you can see my world isn’t finished yet and i need ideas what i can add, this forum seems to be kinda active, so I’m asking help.

What is the world name? (Sometimes the name can give ideas)

Mrstraw is the world name

Hm so since it seems strawberry based. In the middle you can make a giant pixelart of a strawberry. Then you can make a little strawberry land somewhere (anywhere) where it can be a parkour (or you can use this idea for the one down there in the world, assuming its parkour). You can add a little farm there. And if you are a hoarder of strawberry hats, then you can show your hoard there. And you can add an orb too (candy orb if you have bytes). And just make a storage there (if you wanna make that your main world)

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Add a small strawberry hat hoard it would look cool.

Break all soils, stone, soil gem, lava, cave block (if you want)

I suggest you should add your collection, also a pixelart of a strawberry (like what tiberiusZgo says), and add a small minigame (if u want), add a whising well, blue globe thingy, and favorite holorgram thing (lol), and also add daily free items (item that cost cheap, very cheap), a password button to open something (like your mini base and only people with the password knows the pass), add something interesting (i didn’t have more ideas rip)

As @vanoyt383_pro said, get rid of all that default terrain and replace it with a huge “ocean” maybe?

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Maybe use blood instead of water
Cause yea strawberry juice lol


Yes! An entire ocean of strawberry juice :strawberry:

reminds me of the FRUITY world! 10/10! Keep going on!