My world locks disappeared?

It was a normal day, I logged in, I played for almost an hour until I noticed all my world locks vanished! Not even one was left. I had 108 of them. I doubt it was a hack for I just changed my password last week (it’s literally an entire sentence). My items were left unscathed, and were left completely untouched (I have some expensive stuff). My worlds weren’t taken and my storages weren’t looted despite having a ton of stuff. This is a bug. Not only that, I BOUGHT those world locks with GEMS I got with actual MONEY. That I worked hard for. If this isn’t fixed I am literally reporting this game for SCAMMING money. I’m sorry if I came on too aggressive, but this is my actual MONEY I’m talking about.

Obviously it was dark magic.


Are you double sure you didn’t spend/misplace them?
There could also be tiny chance you traded with someone and accidentally put all of your WLS.
Yep, sounds weird but it’s possible. All of your world locks, gone, reduced to atoms.

Okay but for real, it’d be a very strange bug to not only erase a specific item, but world locks at that.

I haven’t bought anything in the last 3 weeks, only sold. and I would have found them in my storage by now if they were misplaced. I understand your suspicion though.

Yeah alot of people have been saying their wls have disappeared lately. Just guessing but I feel like it’s something to do with that iap bug that happened a few days ago.


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Fair enough, in that case, hopefully an admin can help you recover them.

I’m sorry to hear about that.
Firstly, I would recommend you to calm down, this can still be solved. Then, to e-mail the support of the game ( telling everything what happened.

Please see this thread:

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