My World : RAVEN

So, I’m mostlii curious about when, this world of mine will be fixed.
[For Info] [The information in this video explains what happened 2 years ago]
@PaterLuksinton , [Game0Pro] a friend of @Dev , @NicoKapell and a few other people were in the world at the time of it being bugged, this was back on the summer that artificial sun was added.

The Information
INSANE BEDROCK BREAKING GLITCH ft. EndlesS & Mod - Pixel Worlds Game MMO - YouTube

So, i made this video after another world, with the same bug mine had, was fixed, and returned to the owner within a week of the bug, however, my world “RAVEN” was locked by EndlesS, and as of now even, not returned, or worked on, or anything, and both worlds were confiscated at the same time period.

Has this happened to anyone? or it’s just a me thing with my worlds just being gone?
and if i’m luckii, @Lokalapsi would you / bbricks be able to look into this anytime sooner or later?

[my discord is “DeVz” within the pw official server // DeVii13 [eagle emoji] if you’d like to contact me personallii regarding the issue, it’s not “game breaking” ]

Image below just shows i own the world “RAVEN” however, entering the world is an infinite loading loop. [i infact see several worlds “owned” that i don’t actuallii “own” such as “YZV” as shown on the list]

Of course this happens to you, :skull: .

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