Mythbusters In Pixel Worlds

Hey guys! It’s me BrenMZ. I would like to ask some of you if you know any myths. We will be doing it once we complete a set like 10 myths on a video. Cause I think myths way to underrated and needs to be known. for now I have 1 myth idea I need 9 to go.

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Not sure if that could be a myth but I think not many people know that if you drop something in your world and put a door on it, then wrench it on “Anyone can use” people won’t be able to pick up the items in the door, only someone with Minor Access+ can.

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Thanks this would help!

myth: if you host a dropgame and announce it in a global message a scary creature called Mod will materialize out of tin air and ban you


ah yes instant ban out XD

I found it hard to explain, even with my mother language. But basically, you can flying without a wing or even a jetpack. It’s real, the bug is either didn’t get fixed or it’s fixed but it’s comeback now.

This bug is not that famous, not much ppl know it I believe (Few people do though)

The ingredients is just some blocks, a deplicator, a lever and a disappearing block…
Yeah really it’s hard to explain but i did have an example in my friend world, easy to make as well.
(I believe few ppl knows this trick as well so please just help me explain :sob: )

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Apprently (and thiz is just a rumor) if you go tot the kitchen at around i would say 5:30 pm and make a peanut butter sandwich while playing pixel worlds for exactly 20 mins and when you start eating the sandwich you keep on playing once your finished you have to yell 20 times and thats when you get 200000bc and a whoopin from your mother


Darn, i don’t like peanut butter will anything else work … :thinking: ??

Maybe… jalopeno jam i heard it has the same effect

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It might take a while for you to set it up but decayed locks really can be ‘spannered’ by the owner .
Basically they don’t recover until you leave the world … Whilst in there you can apply the wrench to relock it…

When you leave it recovers of course but now in a locked state … in all other circumstances decayed locks recover in an open (unlocked) state .

It is also my belief that the Untradable crossbow from last year is detrimental to farming. Basically it seems to yield less . I would love to see it tested by someone else. . Does it effect “the increased chance of a dropping a block” perk.

Is it just me? It’s not really the best farming tool anyway . But my observation…