Name Change Idea

Players with 750+ account age will be able to change their names last time. Account name will be same, but name top of our character will be changed. So people won’t be allowed to use other player’s names to scam players, because we will see whats his legacy name.


I think this could work. They have the technology to freely change the names of mods and admins for undercover mode! Perhaps do the same but for players. They can change their name once and their old name is still there, like you said.


The main reason imo that this probably won’t happen is because of scams. From what I’ve seen, most of the big scams happen from people who have know eachother forever, and have old accounts from that. One person scams the other, and then they can change their name and avoid a lot of the blame from most people. Even if it shows the real name when you look at their profile, most people won’t check everyone.

To be fair, I’ve heard this argument a lot of times, and each time I realize; is name changing any different than making a new account?
If they scam and then decide to change their name, their name will still be there regardless. If they scam and change accounts, only the admins can track them down.

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Maybe, but making a new account basically gets rid of all of your XP, starting date, etc. Basically a bunch of the important things to old players. And then you need either a second device or help to transfer your items, and if you a known scammer not many people will help (and they might scam you instead, the whole scammer gets scammed thing.)

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Perhaps, but I suppose a scammer should think about that before scamming :man_shrugging:

Scammers aren’t very smart in my experience. For instance, they decided to scam someone.

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This is good idea bc i want change my name xd
But why not like you have to play 1000days and pay like 10gems to chance? Or like 100k…