Nazarick For Wotw?

Im new at forums and I dont know if this is even the right place to post but anyway I wanna submit my world NAZARICK for WOTW

NAZARICK is a world with series of parkours and puzzle worlds connected, A total of 4 worlds, just a side note you cannot shortcut from one world to another world and you need passwords to complete one world or something, another note when you disconnect midway you can just go back and as long as you have the password needed you can continue and not start from the beginning. You also need two player at least to finish it, the difficulty is easy but if you dont think you cannot move forward

Nazarick For WOTW, Watch the trailer for sneakpeak on some parts


Panorama of NAZARICK
The panorama of the other 3 worlds are not uploaded because it might spoil your adventure, although you can take panorama inside the game if you reached the stage just dont abuse it.

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Interesting one. :+1:

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Your in the correct subforum, nice world! should’ve nominated it for november but ok.

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nice world but how do i open the gate in the castle there is a lot of bone gates

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Thats for you to discover, lol. If i tell you how then it would be less fun, bring friends cuz i assure you you cannot finish it in your own

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