ITS HALOWEEN, and since its the spooky season I wanna submit me and my friends worlds on which we made for more than 3 months (including the resource gathering lol) and also have been submitting the world for the 3rd time now, the first is out of season, same goes for the second time, so I decided to submit it, in the correct season this time.

The Nazarick is the first world, which is connected to 3 other worlds. The world is big and the players will not be restricted by a straight flow of gameplay, they can do it as they like as long as they discover what to do. All the four worlds mainly consist of puzzles made possible by wiring and a bit of parkour, although everything is easy, when you know nothing at all then it will seem impossible (READ SIGNS XD).

The first world, Nazarick is a spooky castle theme. The second world is a Dark forest with a maze underground. The Third world has hell like - Volcano theme while the last world is Winter - Glacial theme. Take note that you cannot take shortcuts even if you know all the worlds name, but you can enter the second world (if you ever get disconnected) by entering NFILHEIMR and entering the password portal, just be sure to remember the password you got from NAZARICK. With this you can easily come back when any issue occurred and continue your journey, without making it possible to take shortcuts and cheat the world.

Video Trailer:

Here is the Pictures:

Nazarick - > Nfilheimr (Proceed downwards)
TheInfernal < - Nfilheimr - >TheGlacier

Pollies (Owner)
ThunderDQ (Co-owner)
Dr34mbot (Co-owner)








Sorry, New account so i cannot post more than 1 Image, Eitherway please support this so atlast I can finally see the world being active

I support you, just there’s a way for it to get actually noticed. I’m pretty sure you have to go to Instagram, take a picture of your world (You already did) and do #PWWOTW so it can get noticed.

This world was so much fun lol
Me and @Kicper did it like few minutes ago and it was like the only world i had fun in because of the puzzles and stuff
Great job lol

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so true bestie

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