Need a good mining set

i want to mine for little bit cause bored with nether :joy: so is there any set less than 40k bc?
cause idk what i should buy with that

Also i want to make a wotw world SUMMERAWAITS 5 days before summer :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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im making a wotw attempt too. Copy Zygora mining set but chnage the nemean healmet to Golden

zygora set expensive lol

You can sell bc , 230-250/1. I mean Mining set nit included wings. Just Stuffs related to mining. or Buy cheaper pickaxe

no need wings already have jetpack also i will buy heavy pickaxe

I’d recommend you buying deep dwelling for now, once you’ve profited more then move on to excavator.


nice ok then :smiley: thx for the info

also how much the set? like pretty expensive (use bc for the price of the set)

I use world locks to buy, and if I don’t find the items I wanted. I’d buy one at pwe.

If you don’t have the budget then you should take it slowly.
(Buy the cheapest gear 1 by 1)

rip i have no wls ._. i just use them for bc oof

Bytecoins is better if you use them in pwe.