Need help downloading pw

Is pw on chromebook?
We got new school laptops and its a chromebook is there a way to download pw to it?

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Look for it on the app store or try to install the apk yourself.

You should be able to download Steam on a chromebook? Pixel Worlds is free to download on Steam.

Thanks ill try it :star:

Well i cant download steam straight from steam but ill try to download steam somehow

If you use the apk you will probably need to use touch controls to play since pw doesn’t support keyboards or mice on mobile.

Rip my school laptop has some kind of administor so stuff is limiyed what u can do

I had a friend once a long time ago who had a chromebook school laptop, and he wanted to get PW on there.
We spent hours, figured out there’s ways to emulate the APK on some sketchy android emulator website we found, but it was so slow that he couldn’t even barely move in the game.

Oof rip the hours lul what did u think when u got to pw and found its extremly laggy?

I already told him from the start that it’s not worth trying to game on a school laptop, but we did it anyway. It was mostly for experimental purposes at that point, but I expected it to be dead slow. I’m surprised it even ran, though!

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Okay lul (20 characters)

You could try downloading the game from the Microsoft Store, (assuming the Chromebooks don’t run on their own OS) but it might be blocked, since we cant download Microsoft Store applications on the computers/laptops at our college.

Chromebook uses it’s own “Chrome OS”, which is why it’s extremely difficult to do anything non-school related with.

Also they still block things on college computers?! What, are adults gonna go to Cartoon Network flash games instead of doing work?

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Not sure what OS is chromebook using but surely there is any way. Check those ways below:


If it’s iOs then you should find it in app store.


If it’s windows then you should get steam/microsoft store.

If those ideas don’t work, you should download emulator. Some of them are slow, but they are a few good ones. I don’t recommend using Blue Stack. You can check this link to see list of top 15 emulators:

Good luck!

Well, they block downloads, but not websites. Also, you underestimate how much me and my friends used to play Getaway Shootout at college, lmao.


chromebook can’t download pc stuff like steam or a lot of things it’s either playstore or do nothing