Need help for Clan Design

Hello, I’m going to open a clan in the pixel world, but I don’t understand design at all, please people who can make beautiful designs contact me or write a comment below. The person who makes the design will be paid.

copy other clans xd

What design do u want?

honestly i don’t know either but it might be dark concept

Get a good idea of what you want, then we can make something for you.

U want a cheap or expensive design?

U can go to trustedclan it’s mine u can see this design
But I will make better than it cuz I made it fast TBH :sweat_smile:

And also buddy, write the price tag, I mean how much you’ll pay for the design. It attracts more people.

That right . That’s why I am here😂

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Sooory I mean right not write :sweat_smile:

You can edit your messages, buddy!

Oh my stupidity :upside_down_face: , Thanks BTW

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Think 15K BC for design

That’s a good price tag.

As I said I can build it but choose a design
U can msg me here or on Ig @m..a..y

bro if you contact me instegram @salonfayp

hello again i found out how we can design pls go purge world if it is acceptable for you let’s start making it

OK hope I make it the best

Bro first I can’t screen all the world
Second 15k is a prize for building or building budget

Bro, you don’t need to do exactly the same as the world. Also, if the prize is low, we can increase it.