Need miner!

As title says I need miner because my device is bad as hell, it’s really frustrating, when I cant do them myself because I won’t get any profit :cry:

Soo anyway I got 30 silver keys to finish, PM me if u are interested, u can keep all gemstones u get from mines plus all other stuff unless nuggets.

Have a nice day!

tbh u should just sell keys :confused:

Yes, I’m trying to get 1pl at first then I got enough to start lure shop.

  • Vietnam flashbacks of how I made a lure shop and got couple of profits but then quitted and forgot my password *

What’s point of it?:sweat_smile: I shouldn’t make lure shop?

I second the previous statement : “you should sell the keys”. It’s more likely to get profit that way than to trust randomers who might just end up snatching them and leave. Just my opinion ^^

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Hmmm u made me change my mind :thinking:

Here’s the most important thing I learned from Growtopia when I played it.

Never trust anybody unless they are your best friend in real life and you see and talk to them daily.

Well I would trust my good pw friends with 20 wls no more

Yea same (20 character s)