Nether Buff Suggestions!

everyone wants nether to be much more harder! now is the time I think the devs should work on improving the nether, some options and suggestions that I would like mods and devs to hear r replacing keys with nether alters which can be ACTIVATED to open the nether exit…each one has a timer of 5 seconds to run away from since they detonate/explode, therefor killing anything nearby including mobs or actual players. after all 4 nether alters have been activated, u will see a path tracing to the exit portal, another suggestion is to add more mobs and a few traps shall be introduced such as nether wyverns which are monsters that can be found in the depths of nether and shoot beams or fire balls depending on how close you are standing to one. traps such as bear traps could be scattered to damage and slow down players but there are no damage over time effects. Finally, if you are a certain lvl (example: 100+, you will have to slay the boss of the nether, similarily to the psycho scientist in the lab to exit nether)

EDIT: so ima try to be more clear; depending on your level, the difficulty is chosen, therefore, if you are a starter, nether is gonna be basic and normal. now, if you are a well experienced player, nether is gonna become more challenging therefore, containing some stages aswell, if you are lvl 150 (MAX LVL) you will be allowed to choose the difficulty.

from: MWTDJ


jake said in his stream that they will buff nether soon


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As like what OrangeHairGuy said, jake has announced the nether buff in twitch and should be ready in Wednesday.

Very excited for the start revamp, suggested it for so long alr.

ignore caps^

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wait really? so we will get 60fps update and nether buff? i’ve been waiting eternity for this XD

im excited aswell, cant wait to see how strong the nether has become!

nope, he said that they’ll buff it at some point


Please don’t make it harder, there are so many subjects who don’t even dare to do some nether. Just add another nether dungeon like level 2 red scroll.

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Simply making it harder sounds more like a nerf than a buff.
I agree with @FarmMiner, there should be another harder nether, but one that is, unlike Deep Nether, also a means of getting Gems.

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ima edit this post rn, and be more specific

ima edit this post rn and be more specific

I’m pretty sure I don’t

yeah i never said they will buff next update i said they will soon

never specified any peeps, as I said, if u r LEVEL 150+ u may be asked of the difficulty lvl

That’s the point, you said EVERYONE

no i saw the update nothing change

dude i said soon not next update i think you misunderstood me

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