Nether crystals in fishing worlds

Why the hell do people do this? In the angler spot, they fill it with crystals, or spikebombs in a tuna spot, or puffers/jellyfish in another spot. This is an unrealistic thing that the devs never even mention but people are always doing it as if its some kind of placebo effect

Idk maybe they thought it was peace crystals or something

its similar situation with orbs that affect fishes, example people recommend winter orb for tuna, but devs had confirmed orb doesnt matter at all.

But orb does make changes, it’s the weather that doesn’t

it does? i remember that dev said that they have no effect in one thread here

Quite sure you meant world backgrounds (ex = Cave Wall)

Orbs doesnt have effect, dev confirmed it here

Huh. I think he meant by those Weather Orbs, not the world orbs itself. Considering that most of those orbs (Rainy, Sandstorm) starts with “Weather Globe - Effects”

  1. They do not know what to put and/or they suck at designing.
  2. They fool people by thinking it will increase strike frequency
  3. Why not
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What decorations/blocks would you recommend instead?

Sir rugnar’s grave and his enemy Dragon’s skeletal parts

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more like secret crush

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Well the jellyfish look nice to be fair but the others I have no idea why they put em there