Nether pacifist help

I need 2 guys to help me do the pacifist achivement

Do u rly need help it’s pretty easy tbh and prize for completing is only worth like 1wl

It is pretty easy to get this achievement if you play on PC. Not sure I would help much as I like to rush.

Ye it depends if he’s on mobile or not

Im on mobile…

20 characters

Oh that’s why oh sorry ye it can be hard on Mobile

Im also having trouble with this, If anyone have any tips please @ me . :sweat_smile:

@Adrif well the hardest monster is the wraith that follows you so every time you seen one sprint away secondly try get keys very quickly it will help a lot tbh that’s really all there is idk if this has helped but I hope it has

If you still need help I can join you. I’ve already finished it

i know im 2 months late or something but i can help if you still need🌌

all you need to do is get good armor, n rush through the monsters. Maybe a hp pot and definately the buff cuz i took 2 tries and died twice to complete the last one solo.