《Nether Revamp》

As everyone knows Nether, is outdated and is not a great method for farming gems as Fishing/Mining so here is bunch of ideas, I had for a Nether Revamp.

《Netherworld changes》

Netherworld, would recieve new changes from the list below.

-Road Blocking traps removal
-Less traps
-New Modules
-New Enemies
-More open fighting areas
-Hidden Treasures & wiring
-New Prize for clearing the nether

《Nether Slayer Quests》

These quests can be taken from the NetherVendor, in the classic Netherworld.

Quests refresh every 24 hours and you can take up to 2 quests at the start.

These quests act like the ones from DailyQuest/ClanQuest, but they are 100% much bigger and more time consuming with bigger prizes.

Completing these quests, also gives you a new type of xp called SlayerXp, which allows you to unlock new stuff, and permanent buffs.

《Slayer Levels》

Slayer Levels, are a new level system that allows you to unlock new stuff, and permanent buffs, example of rewards for each level.

Level 1
[+1% more dmg] [+1% more gems]

Level 2
[+2% more dmg] [+2% more gems]
[+1 New Quest slot]

Level 3
[+3% more dmg] [+3% more gems]
[+New Forge]

Level 4
[+4% more dmg] [+4% more gems]
[New perk?]

《Nether Full clear completion》

Everytime you clear a Nether, by yourself or with your party, you will recieve a new untradeable item called the Perfection Star, with this you will be able to upgrade your gear from the forge.

《The Forge》

The Forge can be unlocked from Level 3 Slayer, and with the forge, players are able to use their Perfection Star,

and upgrade any clothing, and add it a permanent +1% buff to all stats of the item,

once a item is upgraded it will recieve a star in its name, you can upgrade each item up to 5 stars.

《Nether Gear Changes》

Just like how Fishing/Mining gear gives buffs Nether, would also have the same here is a list of all.

Nether Set Each piece [Increases how much gems enemies give by +1%]

Nether Blade [Increases damage against casters by +20%]

Nether Mask [removes the darkness]

Dark Sword [Increases damage against heavy enemies by +50%]

Axe Of The Underworld [doubles the effects of the heavy hit perk]

Dark Jetpack [will refill fuel after a kill]

Quickdraw Blades of Nether
[Increases damage against all nether enemies by +30%]
[Increases movement speed in the netherworld by +10%]
[replaces high jump ability for the double jump ability]

Abyss Set [dmg reduction against abyss walkers]

Wraith Cloak [Wraiths no longer stun]

Robe Caster Robe [Increases dmg by +10%]

Staff Caster Robe [Increases health by +10%]

Flaming Hand [Increases fire dmg by +100%]

Tentacle Mask [Increases dmg against nether enemies by +20% lowers health by -20%]

Note: I will be fixing few things later maybe, and I’m open for any feedback that will help me Improve this thread.

Another Note: Any balance changes will be made by the community so if you think something is way too op tell me.


The nether would become much better with these features.

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Na. This is just over complicating everything.


Well Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Why not use their time and energy to create something new and leave nether as it is (a method for new players to earn gems)?

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Yeah but what is the point of leaving old features behind, they spent time making these, all that for nothing for them to be left behind to decay?


The nether is good as it is, i still have fun doing it.
Just because you got bored of it or “it’s not a good way to profit anymore” doesn’t mean it’s a decaying feature

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Theres many problems with it, that I could list but I’m too lazy to do it, I may understand you are not bored of it but so am I want Nether, to Improve and I want it to still be remembered as a great method of farming, pixelworlds, is all about Fishing/Mining these days and most of the community prefers these methods over nether and farming just because we still play and have some fun It doesn’t mean nether shouldn’t be Improved on.


cool to add mystic caster who shoots a power but keep following you for 20 seconds

Jake mentioned of nether buff sooner, we shall see.
I don’t like the levels, more levels -> the more I die

This is probably a bit too much if they revamp nether they could do something as simple as doubling the gems you get add 1 new monster and leave it there

why dont add new crystal give 2 times more gems than nether crystal

yeah maybe one that gives like 20 gems per break

only because im bored here is what the new nether crystal would look like

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Truly nope Defence related on DMG - Nope.
Wraith Cape - pointless u need kill em
Defence gear shouldn’t have buff to dmg - possible set bonuses would be ok but not like 10 % - more like with full set 1-2 % defence or dmg but no more

  • Major part of suggestions my comment is nope.
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As long as we get the Rift Passwords I’m down for anything

If you ask me, the buffs to the Abyss Set and Wraith Cloak are pretty overpowered.

Having the ability to resist abyss walkers is insanely good. Maybe remove the resistance, and decrease the detection range? Same goes for the wraith cloak. Both monsters will still target you, but you’d need to be really close to them, to start having them to attack.

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Yeah Wraith Cloak, seems actually bad and not op and also by “resistance” it just means more damage reduction.

Well, the wraith cloak will be pretty useful if you’re trying to do the Pacifist achievement, considering that the wraiths are usually the main problem (besides the environment).

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It would be cool if there was a feature from breath of the wild, where If you wear a mob’s special clothing like the wraith cloak, then it would make you blend in with them and they wouldn’t target or attack you (unless you attack them)

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